Banish The Bloat….

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday Festive’s so far, I don’t know about you but I sure did overeat. I am feeling puffy, sluggish and bloated. Every time I get like this, I totally lose motivation so it is important for me to “debloat” ASAP! I’ve used these little tricks after the Holidays for some years now and figured I’d share them with you! These tricks help with your digestive tract and will help flush you out quickly and safely. You can use this after any big feast you have.


  • 1tbs acidophilus first thing in the morning
  • 4oz warm water,  1tbs ginger, 1/2tbs turmeric,  dash cinnamon, lemon wedge and CBD Oil (click here to check it out) or if that sounds to gross, you can try out detox organics with water (superfood powder, check it out here, use TC for a discount code if you want to try it out)
  • Add Berries to Your Breakfast, The water and fiber are great for your digestion
  • Eat Celery and Asparagus, to help pull water
  • Eat Slower, this gives your digestive tract time to warm up and makes digestion easier
  • Massage Tummy with Warm Towel, I place a Warm Towel on my Tummy every night and firmly massage my stomach
  • Sweat it out!


  • Sodium
  • Alcohol
  • Soda
  • Sugar
  • Dairy

These can all make you retain more water and feel more puffy and sluggish! Try to cut those out and follow the tips above. Don’t reach for the laxatives and other supplements like that as it can cause long term damage to your system.


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