Oils For Summer

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I have been posting a lot about my more natural approach to health and fitness… oils have been a huge part of my journey but I was never really open about it because people think oils are just a trend. Which they aren’t…If you do your research, you will see how long they have been around and how much they have helped people.

They have helped people in so many ways but my favorite ways are how they can help me on my health and fitness journey.

My go-to’s…

Fat burner:

Grapefruit Oil. I use this every morning, I mix 2 drops in with coconut oil and rub it on my problem areas (tricep, lower tummy and thighs) This creates an amazing fat burning topical with no chemicals added.

Lemon Oil. I use this every morning in my water. I am usually in a rush in the morning so it is easier to have oil rather than spend time cutting lemons all morning. haha

Fat Burning Drink Recipe is Listed Here!


Fennel Oil. This is another great way to breakdown stubborn fat. I actually mix this with the grapefruit oil some mornings when my cellulite gets a little crazy.

I have also made body scrubs using these oils, you can check that out

Water Weight:

Cypress Oil. This oil helps pull water weight. I mix 2-3 drops with a little coconut oil and rub directly on problem areas.


Thieves Oil. This helps with breathing, inflammation and digestive issues. I actually clean my entire house with this oil because of all the benefits. haha

CBD oil. This is great for inflammation and pain. I use this one orally and just drop 2-3 drops under my tongue.


Panaway. This is amazing for recovery so if you are super sore after training, I highly recommend Panaway so you can recover and keep kicking ass.

You can order these oils here!

Why it’s important to choose quality oils…

This is huge and I learned this mistake early on.. THANKFULLY! haha

I was so use to being a penny pincher that I would just go on amazon and try to find the cheapest oil there was. I use to think “eh! Who cares… Oils are oils.” Until, I put cheap oils in my drink. That didn’t turn out well for me at all. I got super light headed and spent most the day in the bathroom. That was when I realized, you truly do get what you paid for.

After learning that lesson, I came across Young living (all I use now) and even though I was super scared to try ingesting oils again, I built up the courage to do it and felt great with these oils which is why I decided to make the switch. I realized I had this fear of parting with money even though it always comes back around. What doesn’t come back around is time and health. Well, I guess health can come back around but still don’t want to waste time being unhealthy. 

Point is, don’t waste money on BS. Go after what actually works. It will save you time and money in the long run!


The History of Oils…

I linked a few articles below so you can do your research on oils and have a better understanding of them!

Essential Oils in the Ancient World, pt. I


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