Gym VS Home Series

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Are you someone who believes you can’t get results at home?

or Do you lack motivation while trying to workout at home?

If so, then I have some hacks to share with you.

One common question, I get all the time…

“how can I get the same results as if I was working out at a gym?”

It is possible and easier than you may think. You don’t need fancy machines and all that jazz but you do need bands, dumbbells and a cardio machine. Simple, right?

I ordered all my stuff from amazon for under $100.

I have switched to training at home a lot after becoming a mother. It is just easier for my schedule and I feel I have seen better results training from home than I have in the gym.

Not just me, I have seen tons of my stay fit clients get amazing results at home too. So now, let’s get you some great results from the comfort of your home, sound good?

There really is no right or wrong way when it comes to working out. I believe people think they need the crazy machines to workout but the truth is you don’t. It is actually better to use dumbbells, bands and bars because you use more muscles and therefore burn more calories, use more muscles and get better results. Machines are great for isolation movements or when you want to lift heavy without a spot but you don’t need them in order to see great results!

Below, I attached some of my favorite moves at the gym and how to copy them at home so you get an idea of how to stay creative.

How to get motivated at home or at the gym…

  1. Have a plan. Don’t just wing it. Have an actual plan. That way you get a great workout and true structure to get you the results you want.
  2. Have a goal. A lot of times, we just want to go through the motion and we become very autopilot which isn’t very motivating. So make a goal like, “I will squat 50lbs today instead of 40lbs.”
  3. Get music that gets you amped. Another thing we get very autopilot on is what we listen to so find music that truly moves you and gets you focused so you get through your workout better.
  4. If energy is your issue then I recommend a caffeine pill, pre workout or my favorite max burn. Max burn is an all natural fat burner that gives you energy, burns stubborn fat without the jitters or crash. You can order here.

Here are some of my favorite gym workouts being done at home.

Pull Throughs:

Cable Deadlift:

Cable squat:



Lat Pulldown:


Seated Row:

Pull up:


Cable Shoulder Fly:




Hip Abductor:

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