Do’s and Don’ts of working out

Do’s and Don’ts of working out


Let’s dive right in…

  • Don’t just stick to machines, they are great for isolation movements but you burn more calories and use more muscles doing free weights. So DO, a mix of free weights, cables and machines for best results whether you are training at home or the gym.
  • Don’t just walk on the treadmill. DO sprints, Intervals on the spin bike, stair climber or elliptical. It is great to switch up machines as well as the type of cardio you do. You will work different muscle fibers and see faster results.
  • Don’t just focus on squats. This drives me nuts, I see too many people focused on just wanting to work the lower body or one trouble area. This will make it longer to reach your goal so DO a circuit training of full body workouts. The more you work a muscle group, the more you break it down and it has to repair… when your muscle has to repair, that’s where the lean muscle mass comes in.
  • Don’t just walk in or assume you will have motivation to workout without a plan. We have all been there…Walk into the gym, ready to kill it and then we realize, we have no actual plan or knowledge of the gym so we go walk on the treadmill for an hour then leave. This is better than doing nothing but it won’t get you your dream body! DO plan your workouts ahead, have a plan of what you will do at the gym so you can walk in feeling confident ready to kill your workout.

Let me know how these tips helped you! I want to make sure you get the body and confidence you deserve. Let’s dive even deeper and jump on a call so we can talk about your goals, struggles and what you need to truly overcome them once and for all.

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