The Secret to Motivation

The Secret to Motivation

The Secret to Motivation…

 We all want to better ourselves but why does it become so hard to motivate ourselves to stay on the right track?

This is something I struggle with as well, we all do. It’s easier to sleep in and not change your life, so that’s what most people do.

But are you happy with your current life? If not, why not change it?

Do you like being unhappy? Are you sick of lacking confidence? Do you like feeling sluggish and tired all the time?

I can almost bet your answer is no for those questions.

So let’s change that.

Steps to Becoming a Motivated Go- Getter…

  • Write Down Your Goals– Place them somewhere you will see them daily to keep you on track.
  • Reward Yourself  When You Accomplish a Goal– Pick something you really want and reward yourself with it once a goal is accomplished. That way you’ll stay focused on the prize and have a motivation to achieve your goal.
  • Have a WHY on WHY you are doing this– Something bigger than yourself. We never really care if we disappoint ourselves but we never want to disappoint people we love. So whether your WHY is a lover, your family, your child, your friend, your pet or revenge to an ex. Find it and keep it in mind when you feel unmotivated.
  • MINDSET– STOP BITCHING ABOUT LIFE! You can sit there and bitch about how tired, how unhappy or how fat you are but no one really cares. Only thing that will get you is stuck in the same damn place you’re in. So changing your mindset to be more positive and talk yourself into feeling better and loving your new lifestyle. Focusing on the great things you have accomplished in life and knowing that you will be successful in your new lifestyle change.
  • FOCUS ON THE GOOD– Instead of saying uhhhh, I can’t eat donuts everyday, Focus on the healthy nutrition you will get from your new lifestyle. Think about how amazing your skin and body will look  and how great you will feel. Instead of dreading working out, get excited about it! Think of the new amazing body you will sculpt and how accomplished you will feel leaving the gym.
  • Set Triggers throughout the day to help you stay on track-  Every night before bed, put out your vitamins, gym clothes and shoes out and get excited about going to the gym the next day. You can set alarms on your phone to remind you to eat and drink your water. Prep your Food so when you are hungry you reach for food that is benefiting your body. Leaving pictures or sayings around your house, car or office of what you want to be is another great way to keep the mind on track.
  • Listen to Motivational Speakers first thing in the morning- Eric Thomas is one of my favorites. This will set your mood for your day and you will notice that you will get more done.
  • Hire a Coach- If I am lacking somewhere in life, I hire a coach to get me on track. It’s easier to have plans/goals and someone to guide you directly to them! If you need a coach, book your FREE call with me to see if we are a good fit. You can BOOK HERE.

Here is one of my favorite videos to start my day!

Conquering Goals…

This is very similar to what I just wrote about but I’ll break it down a bit more so we can all conquer our goals this year.

  • What is your goal or goals?
  • What are the Steps to get there?
  • What will you change to get there?
  • What is your WHY or purpose?
  • No more saying I  can’t or negative self talk

Write the answers down on a piece of paper close to you…

Time to Conquer…

Write Down Your Big Goal. Break it down to small goals.

So for example;

BIG GOAL: I want to lose 10lbs this month. Now break it down. 3-4lbs a week.

What do I need to Change to make this happen? I WILL go to the gym 5 days a week and workout for an hour! I WILL eat healthier food and cut out junk food. So no more buying junk food at the store. KEEP IT OUT OF HOUSE. No more soda, I WILL have tea and water instead!

My Why: is to be healthier for my family and be a good role model and motivator for my entire family.

So many people continue to ask about motivation, thinking it’s some pill that I give you. But it comes from within and you need to take these steps and follow through to truly get motivated. I want you to send your goals to someone you care about and would hate to disappoint right after you write them down so you get motivated NOW!

Let’s get you on the right track once and for all. Book your FREE call now by clicking here.





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