Cheat Treat Sheet

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So many of us love and hate cheat day…

We get scared that all of our hard work will disappear or that we will fall back to our old habits. While both of these have a bit of truth to them, you have to let go of the fear because it won’t happen unless you overdo it for multiple days in a row. You may get bloated and hold some water for a few days after your cheat but that will come off.

How to get rid of the bloating and water retention…

  • Sweat more by intensifying your workout
  • Drink more water, the least should be a gallon
  • Eat foods that help pull water (cucumber, asparagus, etc)
  • Dandelion Root is also great to pull water
  • Max Detox will help kick the toxins out of your system so you feel better faster (order here)
  • Apple cider vinegar and probiotic will help with digestion super important when it comes to bloating (order here)

If you are scared to fall back into your old eating habits, here’s  what myself and my clients do to avoid that.

  • Go out to eat so you don’t have junk food in your house
  • If you want a cheat treat from the store, eat a serving or two then trash the rest
  • Have your healthy, yummy meals so you have that when you get hungry after your cheat meal
  • Don’t feel guilty, enjoy your cheat and move forward with your goals

Following these tips will help you stay on track after your cheat. I’ve always found after a cheat, I’m not as motivated to workout because I feel bloated and crappy which will usually lead me to eating worse. That is why it is important to get back to feeling 100%. I created my max detox just for this reason, making sure I can feel great after a cheat treat!

Another thing I use to wonder about is when should I eat my Cheat Treat?

Some people enjoy doing their cheats on the weekend and some enjoy doing it after a hardcore workout. There is no right or wrong way to treat yourself.

I do recommend before your cheat treat…

  • Do Intermitten fasting
  • Do break your fast with some protein then have your cheat treat

Why we need Cheat Treats!

  • Helps motivate you to work hard because your body knows it’ll get a treat :]
  • Boost our metabolism since your body will be use to eating clean
  • Helps satisfy your cravings

So stop feeling guilty after your cheat treats! You need them to have a fun and successful journey.

Just don’t over do them. One or Two a week is good, depending on your goals.

And let’s say your cheat treats just aren’t cutting out your cravings. That is totally fine, I always have something sweet after dinner. I don’t know why but it is a must for me. It use to be ice cream every single night but then I got high cholesterol… so I had to switch it up. I didn’t want to eat the healthy alternatives because they tasted like ass (let’s be honest haha) but after playing around in the kitchen, I finally found recipes that are amazing and help with my sweet tooth. Below I share them in my new recipe ebook! So if you want your cake and you want to eat it too… I made it possible for you!

Through Clean and Simple Desserts! Click here to Check it out now!


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