Mental Meltdown

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I remember my first major meltdown on my fitness journey…

After dieting hardcore for 4 weeks and training my butt off, I was so excited to get on the scale, do my progress pictures and measurements!

I walk into my bathroom (naked because I wanted to make sure nothing was going to add to my weight haha) get on the scale and BOOM!

SAME EXACT WEIGHT… I fell to the floor in tears. How was it that I did all this hard work and not a single pound came off?!

I kept thinking diets were the answer since that’s what everyone pushed so hard on but then I started thinking back to when I was happy and healthy.

I had been fit before so why couldn’t I get there again?

I finally realized, it was time to switch up the way I was thinking. Food had become the enemy since I was so diet obsessed…

I finally decided to go ahead and start putting “normal” food back into my diet and see what was working for me. After 1 week of this I dropped 5lbs, I was beyond excited to see the scale move even though I still had 25lbs to go but hey, it was a start!

Once, I started figuring out the balance for myself and wondered why I struggled for so long and it’s because trainers pushed restriction on me for so long  that my metabolism was shot and need a good shock like normal food to get it going again.

So if you haven’t lost weight yet… I want to say it’s not entirely your fault…we are brainwashed to diet and train hard instead of slow it down and actually figure out what is working for us and what is not.

Doing this brought me my dream body, my confidence, motivation, passion for life and even peace into my life. It saved me time, headaches and heartaches through this journey so I invested in truly mastering this so I can help others do the same exact thing I did.

Even if all this did was get you in your dream body without crazy diets and hours in the gym, would it be worth it to you?

I want to help you on your journey so you can burn fat instead of burning out your metabolism and continue gaining fat, have more energy so you feel alive through the day! And give you the confidence to walk around with your head high, smile big, feeling like a queen!

All the guess work will be taken out of your fitness journey so you can stop struggling and start seeing real results.

Want to get started now? Book a call with me here!

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