Meal Prep Hacks

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Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of meal prep? 

I use to feel the same way. I use to believe I had to spend hours in the kitchen and spend hundreds on food in order to stay on track until I found out some simple meal prep hacks.

You don’t need meal prep in order to have success on your health and fitness journey…

Yes, it makes it easier to make wise choices when you are hungry but it is not going to make or break your goals.

Personally, I hate meal prep. I use to do it when I was new to fitness but as life got more chaotic, it was hard to stay on top of each week. Plus, I couldn’t handle eating slimy ground turkey anymore. 😩 Anyone else relate to that?

So let’s talk about these Meal Prep Hacks…


Yes, you heard that right! Anywhere you go today will have some sort of protein and vegetable. It’s not difficult to find. The perfect meal even at a drive thru would be chicken or hamburger patty wrapped in lettuce with veggies and cheese. This takes some discipline since most people are use to pulling up and ordering a huge burger with a large fry but once you commit to it and do it a few times. It becomes a habit and builds your confidence since you are making better choices.


When I am home and want to cook, I always look for stuff that will take under 20 minutes to prep and cook which is usually as simple as ground turkey, zucchini and rice with cheese. Another favorite is crockpot meals. One of my go-to crockpot meals is chili. It is so filling and so yummy. I do 1lb ground turkey, 1 can black beans, 1c bell pepper, onion, 1 can diced tomato and 1 can tomato sauce with chili seasoning and cheese. It usually will last a few nights.


Trader Joe’s has some of the best grab and go meals ever. I either get fresh salads or even frozen meals. Some people get hung up on “what if the dressing is bad?” You can simply buy some that is better for you or make your own with vinegar and oil.

With frozen meals, I usually do frozen red potato, onion, bell pepper with chicken sausage. Some people believe frozen is bad and it can be but some of these foods are literally picked or roasted then frozen so really not bad.  And last but not least, protein shake. One of the simplest ways to get what you need while on the go. My whey protein mixes perfect with water or coconut milk and is super yummy so I highly recommend getting that. Whey is the easiest for our body to absorb so if you do any kind of protein make sure it is whey. You can order here.

I hope these tips help you. Everyone likes to make things difficult when it can be simple which is the best way to get lasting results. I mean… that’s how I finally did it. After struggling with weight for 6 years, I finally got a grip on my life by breaking things down nice and simple… you can do it too! I am down 54lbs and finally feeling confident and energetic which is so important for mom life!

Some other easy switch ups with food, that helped me… cutting back on processed foods, adding in some intermittent fasting and not eating so many snacks. I’ll dive deeper into this topic next blog so stay tuned!

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