Love your V

Love your V

A lot of women invest money in hair, botox, filler, facials, nails, tanning, clothes, purses and shoes but forget to invest in the most important thing we have… OUR VAGINA!

I never knew there was another level of care for my vagina until recently and I am pissed no one told me about it sooner! haha

My dear friend told me about V-steam and how it allowed her more time to herself so she could meditate and as a mom… that is hard to do. So I decided to try it and when you tell your man… I am taking care of my vagina, they will make sure you get time to yourself by helping watch the babies! right? hahaha Well, that’s what I have found.

There are so many benefits to steaming but the one that stuck out to me the most was tightening since having a baby can lead to you peeing your pants when you sneeze. haha My first time steaming was amazing. I got a solid 30 minutes to myself. I was able to do a kundalini meditation then journal and schedule my day. I got up feeling amazing, refreshed, rejuvenated and a whole new level of confidence.

The confidence part was a bit odd to me but I guess it because I was loving and taking care of myself in a whole new way and I was happy about it. I really felt empowered as a woman and embraced every part of me. That lead me to diving into other products that help me feel empowered and refreshed. I got the vagina lipgloss, tightening gel, soap and pearls to detox and heal.

I never thought taking care of my vagina would lead to feeling so great about myself but here we are! haha I want to empower you to try it for yourself and see how you feel.

Benefits of V-care:

  • Prevention for infections
  • Reduces cramps
  • Tightening and toning
  • Detox the toxic ex
  • Relieves pain from sex
  • More wetness
  • Recovery from birth or miscarriage
  • More intense orgasms

Plus time to yourself where you can dive into yourself and really feel amazing because you deserve that.

I only trust one store for my go-to V-Care and it is here. 

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Try out this meditation when you steam.





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