Love Handle Loser

Love Handle Loser

The Love Handle Loser!

With summer coming up, everyone wants to lose those love handles and I totally get it! Who doesn’t want to feel confident in a bikini!?

As many of you know, you can’t really target a certain area, you can do isolation training which will help build that muscle and fight off fat but in order to see true results, you must do your full body workouts, cardio, diet and make sure you get enough water.

Top 5 Tips for The Love Handle Loser…

  • My Top 3 go to Oblique Exercises…
  1. wide narrow crunch
  2.  side plank with leg lift
  3. toe touch crunch


  • Interval Cardio: This is the best way to burn fat the fastest. It’s also great because you won’t have to do a long amount of it! At MAX 30 minutes and at LEAST 15-20 minutes of interval cardio. Interval Cardio is when you go as hard as you can for 30 seconds and recover for 30 seconds. An example would be Sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds then back down to walking for 30 seconds to recover and repeat! You can switch it up and do steady cardio some days. It won’t hurt your progress.
  • Eating: We all know this plays a huge role in our fitness journey! A lot of people get confused about what they should eat and I want to make this as simple as possible to understand… You can eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats/protein and CARBS without getting “fluffy” and when I say carbs… I don’t mean that proceed shit as in bread, cereal and all that stuff. Carbs as in beans,  potatoes, squash and stuff like that. If it comes in packaging you should probably just say no unless its beans or rice…the clean stuff… not hamburger helper. haha
  • Workouts: You need to be doing full body, not just ab work! I have switched my 5 day workout routine to full body everyday and I have been loving the results. The more you work a muscle, the more you break it down and it has to rebuild so you are building more lean muscle mass which then burns more fat!
  • Water: I’ve found out that a lot of people try to avoid water, thinking it’ll make them carry “water weight” THIS IS FALSE! You need water to flush your system. If you aren’t drinking enough water then you will definitely carry more water.  Try drinking close to a gallon a day. Especially, right when you wake up and through the day. You will pee a lot and it’ll get annoying but it’s ok because you’ll notice a change in how you feel and look!
  • Avoid: Stress. It will raise your cortisol and lead to more belly fat so Get REST! Sugar in fruit is fine but sugar in candy in excessive amounts… BAD news! haha, Salt in seasoning is fine. Adding more salt to stuff- ehhh not so try not to overdo it. Alcohol… the fun one… haha I always say if you only have 2-3 drinks a week, fine but drink nightly, I would try to cut that down and up your water intake.


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