3 Tips To Avoid Binge Eating

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Have you ever struggled with your relationship with food?

Constantly obsessing, counting or binging? I have had every struggle you could ever imagine when it comes to food.

A recent example…You can be walking through the store and some bag of cookies randomly jumps in your cart and you can’t put them back because clearly they want to come home with you and that’s where the struggle begins…

Have you ever noticed when you go to the store hungry, you buy a lot of  food?

So Tip 1: Do Not Go To The Store Hungry!

Seems so basic but it’s shocking how often people make this mistake.

The store is where we set ourselves up for success or failure. I always tell my clients, get your list based on your healthy, yummy recipes this week, eat and then go so you aren’t tempted with random crap.

Stay in your whole foods area, such as fruits, veggies, meats and dairy/eggs area. That’s the food you want to be fueled with. Avoid the inner isles unless you have to get something. That’s where the food hides that we shouldn’t over do it with.

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated  

Our bodies get so out of whack when we don’t have enough water so this is another huge factor that will play apart in our craving world. I buy the gallons of water from the store so I can actually track what I have drank in the day. I feel this is the easiest way to track and yes, people make fun of me for doing it but oh well, I’m more hydrated and feel pretty sexy about my body. hahaha that sounds so cocky.

Tip 3: Not Turning A Cheat Meal Into A Cheat Week

So  this is my favorite part… CHEAT DAY!

Getting my cheat meal… I use to buy mass amounts of food for my cheat day until I realized my eyes are bigger than my stomach by far so my one innocent cheat meal would demolish my entire week or 2.

So instead of buying 8 donuts, 12 sugar cookies, half a gallon of ice cream I now buy maybe a slice of cake from the bakery or a pint of ice cream. I know if I have extra junk food in my house, I will eat it. So biggest part about this is know your limits, be honest with yourself and don’t bring extra junk in the house!

The most important part is keeping food that fuels your goals in the house. This is another reason why I recommend keeping a balanced diet. This will help keep your body balanced and cravings down so when you get your cheat treat, you won’t want to over do it.

Oh and quick bonus tip!

Try to figure out when you binge most and what is actually triggering it. I found I would binge when I was bored so I would get up and make myself do something productive so I wouldn’t sit around and stuff my face. I found this and stress to be some of the main reason why people binge and it is totally normal but if you want to accomplish your dream body, it is time we figure this out and get things handled for you.

If you want to talk about where you are stuck then book your free call with me here. Pick a time and date. Fill out the application then just be on time for our call and we will get things handled. Talk soon! 



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