How Often Should I Change My Plan?

How Often Should I Change My Plan?

How Often Should I Change My Plan?

This is a question I get way to often so I figured I’d write about it today! A lot of times we hear that, we need to constantly change what we are doing in the gym and we actually don’t have to. I always recommend using a workout plan for at least 4 weeks at a time. The reason being…

  • You see what works for you
  • You master a plan
  • Less stress trying to figure out another workout routine

If you are constantly changing your routine, you won’t know what exercises are truly benefiting your body. When you do stick to a plan for 4 weeks, I do recommend switching up the reps, sets, less rest in between sets and weights so you can constantly be challenging your body. When you repeat a workout plan for a month you will allow yourself time to truly master the exercises. Which will also help you gain confidence since you know what you are doing! Most people won’t hit a plateau for at least a few months. Once, that happens I would recommend switching up your food and workout plan so your body will be in total shock from switching it up.




If you are someone who likes switching it up all the times then that’s totally fine! You just need to find what works best for you and your body. My point in writing this today was just to let people know, don’t stress about constantly changing your plan! Try a plan for a month and if you aren’t progressing switch it up! I usually change my plans every 4-8 weeks but a lot of time its the same exercises but since it is different rep,set and weight, my body still progresses!



Hi, any recommendations on your blog for tips on core excercises for women who have had a c section or more than one c section ?

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