How Often Should I Change My Plan?

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Do you feel stuck?

Feel like you need change because no matter how hard you work you aren’t seeing results?

A lot of times, we focus on the outside stuff (magic trick is at the end of this blog so keep reading)… We rewire ourselves to eat better and train hard but still no results…

and this leads me to a question I get all the time…

How often should I switch up my eating and workout programs?

People believe we need to change things up constantly but if we do that, how will we ever know what works for you?

I always recommend sticking with a workout program for at least 4 weeks.

  • You see what works for you (training style)
  • You master a plan (lift heavier and perfect your form)
  • Less stress trying to figure out another workout routine

If you are constantly changing your routine, you won’t know what exercises are truly benefiting your body. When you do stick to a plan for 4 weeks, I do recommend switching up the reps, sets, less rest in between sets so you can constantly challenge your body. When you repeat a workout plan for a month you will allow yourself time to truly master the exercises. Which will also help you gain confidence since you know what you are doing. Make sense?

Next we need to talk about what you put in your mouth…

When it comes to food, it is easy to get burnt out on the same old bland chicken and veggies so I do recommend switching up recipes but sticking with the same foods to see how your body responds to them. A food intolerance could be the reason you aren’t seeing results.

An example of using the same foods but switching things up would be:

Taco bowl:

Ground turkey, bell pepper, onion, rice and black beans topped with cheese and taco sauce.

My switch up:

Enchilada bowl:

Ground turkey, chilies, rice and black bean topped with sour cream, cheese and enchilada sauce.

Make sense? It can be that simple. We over think this process too much and think if we use sauce or toppings then all progress goes out the window. That’s not true. Don’t be scared to switch things up, be mindful of how you feel after each meal and notice if you are feeling off after a certain food group then cut back on it.

If you are someone who likes switching it up all the times then that’s totally fine.  You need to do what works best for you and your body. My point in writing this today was just to let people know, don’t stress about constantly changing your plan. Try a plan for a month and if you aren’t progressing switch it up. Most people won’t hit a plateau for at least a few months. Once, that happens I would recommend switching up your food, workout plan and also your mindset.

Mindset is one of the biggest road blocks people face and holds them back more than anything.

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I can’t eat healthy.”

or “I don’t have time to go to the gym so I won’t workout?”

That is an unhealthy mindset and it will hold you back more than anything which is why it is just as important to rewire your mind as well as your food and workouts.

You may be wondering how to do that.

If so, here’s how…

  1. Change how you look at exercise (such a blessing, not a chore)
  2. Look at food as fuel
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a cookie or 3, just move forward and focus on the rest of the day and what you can control

Once you do this, you can build better daily habits and those habits will turn into a lifestyle then BOOM before you know it… life is better than you could have ever thought possible, you are living life in your dream body, working your dream career, attracting love, abundance and endless miracles into your life.

If you need a rewire than let’s talk now.

Book your call here, fill out application and I will see you on zoom!



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