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People ask why I am so in love with health and fitness…

It all started when I was 13, I was forced to eat clean and dragged to the gym.

I hated it. I would pout and complain the entire time. I couldn’t make sense of why anyone would waste time lifting heavy shit up and then putting it back down. I’d rather be sleeping or watching TV!

When it came to eating clean, I didn’t get that either…

Who really cared about fruits and vegetables? This Big Mac tasted way better than that shit. haha

But as I grew older, I developed a huge love for fitness (I was still working on the health part haha) I loved that you could honestly sculpt your body any way you desired by doing certain exercises. It was an art. I was so obsessed that I decided to do a bikini competition and truly push myself to be better.

I was 17, at the time and truly only focused on how I looked. I didn’t care about my mindset, energy or anything of that. It was just how flat can I get my stomach and how big can I make my ass?! haha

I had always had a great body (not to toot my own horn but TOOTOOT) haha seriously though, I worked hard but always picked myself apart… I was never happy. I complained about every area of my body. Constantly chasing the perfect body.

I struggled with this for years and it left me with eating disorders and body image issues. After becoming 30lbs overweight, depressed, stressed and overwhelmed. I knew I couldn’t live like this for forever.

A lot of the stress came from trying to figure out my diet and led to crazy binge eating (how I put on the 30lbs)

I had to take a step back at this point and become extremely self aware. Why was I so unhappy? Why couldn’t I just get my life figured out? Why do I feel so lost? Why can’t I drop this extra 30lbs?

I had a huge breakthrough when I got real with myself. My mindset was shit. 100% shit. Complete shit. 

I was the one standing in my own way and I couldn’t believe it. I had worked so hard but was even harder on myself. I was filled with self doubt, limiting beliefs and constantly comparing myself to others. I remember my excuse was “I can’t stick to a diet” “I can’t make it to the gym” “people are judging me at the gym”  blah, blah, blah!

Once, I became aware of this. I made a commitment… No more negative self talk, no more limiting beliefs, no more self doubt. I became powerful because I stepped back into my true power. I stopped talking myself out of my goals and blocking my own abundance. I decided to take control over my life, my actions and my health.

This led to one of the most insane transformations ever. I have never experienced anything like this before. I became happy, I was glowing in a different way, I was capturing attention in a new way, I was inspiring, motivating and impactful to family, friends and even strangers now…

Truly the most amazing transformation ever and it all came from mindset. Changing my mindset, having self love, self respect, coming from a place of love and kindness, truly wanting to help others. I stopped judging myself. I stopped judging others. I focused on my well being so I could better guide others to where I finally was.

This is true health. It’s deeper than the foods, the weights, the cardio. It’s about who you become when you take this journey. You step into self love, self respect and start radiating that love to everyone and you become an instant magnet for more greatness. Everything in my life changed when this transformation happen. My relationships got better, my life become calm, everything became amazing (even when I’d get a flat tire haha) my career took off and my body and health were exactly where I wanted it for years.

When you are filled with love, you become happier, more at peace and truly do your best to be your best in any situation. This was all opened to me through health and fitness and that is why I am so passionate about what I do. Being able to guide and watch others flourish the same way I did is the most rewarding thing I could have ever done with my life. So are you ready to transform your life or continue down the same path!?

Clients that decided to change their life:

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