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I want to know what is holding you back from achieving your goal?

I know from experience we usually over think things or just get flat out lazy. Do you agree?

This morning I was being lazy, my alarm went of at 5:30am… I opened my heavy eyes in my cozy bed and thought to myself… “I’m so tired, I’m just going to sleep in and start the week tomorrow.” Anyone else feel this way this morning?

I knew this wasn’t the answer or how I’d feel good about starting my week. So after laying there for a few minutes, I set my timer for 10 minutes and had a convo with myself…

How will you feel if you sleep in? Will you feel good about yourself? Will you accomplish your goals? Will you be running behind and start feeling overwhelmed? and last but not least… will you be inspiring and making an impact by sleeping in?

I knew I’d feel awful about myself, I knew I wouldn’t have a good workout later in the day (I love training first thing in the morning) I knew I’d feel behind and overwhelmed if I stayed in bed any longer and I knew I wouldn’t be setting a good example to my peeps if I slept in.
(Nothing good comes from sleeping in unless it’s your day off and truly just resetting and getting ready for a new week)

After having this pep talk in my head, I popped out of bed, got ready and walked into the gym like a zombie.

Once, I was there, all my fun friends were there so I warmed up on cardio, started waking up, feeling happy, alive, grateful and it started really setting the tone for the day! By the time I was ready to start lifting, I was wide awake, feeling amazing so I turned on some of my favorite music and had one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. Thankfully, I had that pep talk with myself this morning! Being lazy isn’t the answer!

Another excuse I hear a lot…

I don’t know where to start.

This usually just comes from over thinking. There is an abundance of information online that can get us started in the right direction but we don’t really ever use it to our advantage.

Another thing we have access to is common sense. We know the difference between healthy and unhealthy. We all know that moving our body is better than just sitting on our ass. But somehow, us humans tend to overthink things then continue to put things off and then nothing ever gets done. Sad, right?

Overthinking on your diet will hold you back and allow you to continue with this excuse of “I don’t know what diet to eat so I will just eat like shit” that’s why I push so hard on focus on what works for your body instead of focusing on the hottest new diet trend. And this goes for exercise as well! You don’t even know how many times I’ve seen women doing the most insane, pointless exercises in the gym. When I ask them why they are doing it, they always have the same answer “I have to switch it up and figured this was a good way.”

People think every time they walk into the gym, they have to “switch it up” or they will hit a plateau. This isn’t true. I am a huge fan of mastering form and strength for 4-8 week then switching it up and tricking your body. But plateaus don’t happen in a week or two. So don’t let that hold you back.

Last Excuse I hear a lot…

I don’t have motivation. The thing is, motivation comes from within. You have to motivate yourself daily on your goals and remember your why.

How I motivate myself…

  1. I invest in myself so that way I truly focus and figure things out (coaches, courses, etc)
  2. HUGE goals broken down into small goals
  3. Strong Why so when I get lazy I remember why I shouldn’t be

The whole point I want to get across is just get moving. Build that momentum and make yourself proud. It can be a challenge at first but once you get up and at em, you will be so glad you did!

I hope this motivates you to take action even when you don’t feel like it!


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