Is PMS ruining your progress?

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Do you feel like PMS week ruins all your hard work? ?

Constantly beating yourself up over eating sugar and carbs? ?

Well… listen up! ??‍♀️

It’s time to embrace that shhht!

One thing, I’ve been trying to help keep my hormones in check is eating and training according to my cycle.

Day 1-21… I do IF 5 days a week with eating windows 12-6pm. I eat intuitively so naturally do a bit of carb cycling. I aim to drink about a gallon a day. Weekends… however, I eat what I want, whenever I want. ?

I use probiotic, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, max burn and max detox about 4-5 days a week. You can order here.

The way I train during day 1-21 of my cycle is full body workouts with 20 minutes interval cardio. My workouts are usually only an hour. I mix it up between home and gym workouts. 

Then, during PMS week, I up my carbs because that’s what my body wants. I eat more potatoes, beans, rice and pasta. And of course… I can’t miss dessert during this time, so usually 3-4 nights, I’ll do ice cream or brownies. ?

I switch up my training to spilt workouts with 20 minutes of steady cardio. Still mixing it up with home and gym workouts and keeping it at an hour.

Since your body is already working over time, it’s good to tone it down and stop beating yourself up over it. There’s a difference between lazy and listening to your body so be honest with yourself and truly listen to what your body needs. ❤️

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