booty myths

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Alright ladies…time to bust some booty myths.

I am all about the booty around this time of the year. Wanna know why?

Because it is going to be time to put a bikini on soon.

I use to hate the summer because I was scared of putting on a bikini.

So let’s knock out some booty myths.

  1. STOP RUNNING. Running doesn’t give you a nice butt. What does is doing Interval training. So run as fast as you can for a minute then active recovery for a minute so walk or jog.
  2. STOP SQUATTING. We believe we can squat our way to the perfect booty but we need a mix of workouts with that. You can’t just focus on one muscle group or one exercise. That’s why I HATE seeing those squat challenges because they won’t do much for you. So training full or spilt body is a great way to go.
  3. STOP DIETING. You hear this all the time from me. You have to stop restricting yourself so much. It isn’t good. Especially, around the Holidays because it’s depressing to watch everyone enjoy their food and you sit there just drinking your water, choking down broccoli. Find a healthy balance that works for you.

Go put those tips to use and if you are ready to step it up… here’s your next step.

Remember how I said, I use to hate the summer because I was scared to put on a bikini?…

I realized it was because I never set myself up for true success…

The summer would come around and I would automatically jump on some insane diet, workout for hours then tell myself “no junk food”

Only to go home and eat all the junk food I could possibly find. haha

I decided to change the way I did things because I was so missing out on the summer because I wasn’t feeling comfortable. I would always pick a super cute bikini only to find, I didn’t have the confidence to wear it because the weight gain.

The way I changed things was having a simple, effective meal guide, quick fat burning workouts and a mindset of “I will eat my treats!”

When I switched it up, I still had that self doubt so I knew I needed community in order to truly succeed. I needed that support so I found it and finally freaking won the Holidays! Now, it is my favorite time of the year because of all the yummy food and still managing to keep my dream body.

I want to do the same for you.

NO more feeling like crap about yourself over eating a cookie. NO more stalled progress. NO more unwanted Holiday weight.  NO more staying stuck in the same patterns. NO more making excuses or not having the resources to change. 

It is time for the bikini body challenge. 

2020 has had such a funky start and I want you to end this year feeling great about yourself, no matter what’s going on around you!

You deserve to have the body you’ve always dreamed of. 

Here’s the thing though… It’s going to take the next level commitment. 

If you are willing to finally say YES to yourself, commit to the process and do the work you’ll find yourself happier than ever, never second guessing if that little black dress will look good on you. 

Ready to know how this works?

This is a 12 week challenge happening in the Stay Fit Monthly Challenge. 

The Bikini body challenge!

I will teach you how to properly do IF while having a well balanced diet so you can kick the cravings and learn to control your eating.

The workouts are full body HIIT circuits to maximize fat loss and build lean muscle mass. 

Even though the workouts are full body workouts, there is a little extra focus on reducing cellulite, building up the booty and burning stubborn stomach fat. 

That way you are ready to rock that little black dress WITH CONFIDENCE!

How I do that…

• Biweekly 5-day meal guide

• Biweekly 5-day workout guide (workouts can be done at home, all you need is bands or dumbbells)

• Form videos

• Supplement recommendations

• Facebook support

• Email support

OH AND $500 CASH PRIZE FOR GETTING THAT DREAM BODY! You just have to do the easy things I tell you.

It is usually $47 a month but right now you get All of that for $27 a month so less than $1 a day!

SIGN UP HERE before the challenge is filled up: 4 spots left.


I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals with this program.

So let me ask you: Why not you?

When is it your turn to feel your best?

Together we will…

• Help you understand exactly what foods to eat in order to burn fat and flatten your stomach

• Teach you how to build lean muscle mass through the right exercises which will dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite

• You will know how to perform exercises with a library of step-by-step demo videos

• I will email you weekly for accountability and check-ins

• You will become a part of our Facebook Group full of new friends on the same journey + additional support from me!

Are you ready to finally get results?

YESSS! Let’s go! to get YOUR spot now! 4 spots left.

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