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Do you find yourself jumping from diet to diet?

You lose weight, only to gain it right back?!

It is can be frustrating, depressing and discouraging…

Believe it or not, I was stuck in the same cycle as you for a long time. 6 years to be exact but now that I have cracked the code, I want to help you crack the code too.

So first thing first… we need to build confidence and in order to do that, we need fast results so how do we make that happen?


Intermittent fasting has become a popular topic and probably only one of the few, I actually agree with in the health and fitness industry. It is has more than just weight loss benefits because it allows your body to detox, heal and tap into stored fat.

Back in the day, I was brainwashed to eat before my workout so I don’t break down muscle mass then eat every 3 hours to keep my metabolism on fire which all turned out to be bullshit. Excuse my language but I was so upset when I learned this because when I was doing this, I was 148lbs and couldn’t lose weight for the life of me.

I had naturally done IF my whole life so the fact, I listened to someone else over my own instinct made me upset. What science has proven is our amazing bodies thrive on fasting. The less frequent we eat, the less we spike insulin and in return we stay in fat burning mode longer. And that whole myth about your muscle will break down if you don’t eat before your workout… well, we do have a hormone that will block the break down of muscle. Therefore, you do burn stored fat not muscle. Pretty amazing.

What I recommend doing if you are new to fasting, I would push your first meal back to 10am and stop eating at 7pm. This is how I start most of my clients and they thrive on it. As you get more into it, check out my blog fasting 101.

Once, we get those results and our confidence is building… it’s time to dial in the next thing so week 2 let’s focus on the food we eat and the way we train.


Stop counting and start journaling. So many people get hung up on numbers nowadays and that’s a huge no-no in my book for a number of reason.

1. Unhealthy relation with food.

2. Doesn’t teach you what food works best with your body.

3. Everyone is different, basing something on height and weight is an ok way to measure things but it doesn’t dive deep into how you break things down that you eat.

So a food journal was how I found out, I don’t do well on oats. I was eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast and would end up bloated, tired and feeling sluggish. Does that ever happen to you?

If so, that could be stalling your results.

It is time to figure out what’s going on with your body and food. When you do a food journal, it helps you become more mindful for a number of reasons.

1. You are writing down everything you eat so less likely to pick up junk food.

2. You start to pin point what foods are best for your body.

The way, I have my clients do their food journal is by writing down what they ate and how they felt. If you feel tired after you eat, it may not be the best food for you. If you feel great after then great! No worry there.

If you feel sluggish, bloated and tired after a meal, start by taking out one food group in that meal, leave it out for 3-5 days and see how you do without it.

With the workout journal, this will help you push yourself and see what exercises leave you feeling sore. This also gives you the chance to lift heavier, do more reps, more sets and all that fun stuff so you can truly build lean muscle mass and burn fat. I have my client write down the workout with the weight, reps and sets then soreness the next day to see where they are building strength so I know what to switch up next.



Stop jumping from IG to IG looking for a few quick workouts. Either invest in a plan or make one so you have something to follow. This will give you the structure, discipline and confidence to execute your goals.

When we don’t have a plan we end up feeling lost and then just end up walking on the treadmill not doing a damn thing once again! haha which isn’t what we want obviously. So get a plan then actually plan it.

In order, to reach our goals we need to take action and the best way to take action is back to the drawing boards. haha So book your workouts, healthy meals and all that good stuff in your phone or in a planner. Whatever is best for you. It is more powerful to have a written down plan. Research has shown you are more likely to accomplish a goal by writing it down.

If you want to dive deeper on this topic, let’s jump on a call to see what you truly need and how to get you to your goal. Book your call here.​​ Just click here.

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