How I Eat Donuts, Stay Fit and Stay Healthy…

How I Eat Donuts, Stay Fit and Stay Healthy…

How do you eat donuts daily and stay lean?

This question comes up on IG live all the time…

So figured it was time to write about it.

I don’t eat donuts daily because I had high cholesterol in the past.

Which was actually a blessing in disguise. I use to binge eat like crazy! And this helped break my sugar addiction…and not on purpose!

Every week, it would be 4 hours in the gym A DAY, eat a cheeseburger and ice cream daily, then Friday to Sunday, it was a free for all! So I would eat everything in sight. My relationship was food was so unhealthy because I had dieted so hard in the past.

In my head, I felt I deserved all these treats because I ate so clean for so long. And that was the issue… I looked at food as just a treat instead of actual fuel. I hardly ate clean at this point and just filled my body with junk food. Once, I packed on 30lbs and had high cholesterol, shitty self esteem and no energy, I knew something had to change.

I was aware that my relationship with food wasn’t the best. So I had to start focusing on my mindset about food in order to start a real health and fitness journey. I knew in my heart, I couldn’t best serve others until I got this under control.

So now, my mindset about food was, it is fuel, this is how I heal, perform and fuel through my day so let’s clean it up to be at peak state. Once, I did that and become more mindful about what I put in my body, things really changed.

I was still having sugar cravings like crazy but instead of eating something awful like sour patch kids, I would have a fruit. Then the cravings slowly started going away. I stopped going down the ice cream section at the store to help break that habit and it actually worked. Once, ice cream wasn’t as easily accessible, I wasn’t eating it as much.

I stocked my fridge and pantry with healthy foods and started going out to restaurants for my cheat meals, which helped me not binge on junk food. And since, I wasn’t eating it as much, I wasn’t craving it as much, which helped me break my sugar addiction. I still enjoy my donuts once a week but definitely not everyday even though there are some weeks out of the month where, I want to! haha If I can break this insane habit then you can too!

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