Do’s and Don’ts of Weight Loss!

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There’s so much information out there on Weight Loss and it seems to confuse and overwhelm a lot of women so I wanted to share some easy ways that my clients of all shapes and sizes have lost weight.

We are going to be starting out kind of negative with my first DON’T.

Don’t Diet! So many people want to jump on the hottest diet trend and yes, it will work for a few days, weeks and maybe months if you are one of the lucky ones but it doesn’t last!

Most people will drop the 10-20lbs on a crazy diet then the second they try to live normal, they gain the weight back. And I know how frustrating that can be…

So instead of dieting… DO clean up your eating habits by…

  • Cutting back on processed foods
  • Cutting back on alcohol or sugary drinks like soda

Those are the 2 major factors.

The perfect meal would look like… Chicken, bell pepper and rice with black bean. You can top with cheese, avocado and taco sauce if you like Mexican food (my personal favorite) or do chicken, bell pepper, rice and potato with curry sauce (another one of my favorites)

My second Don’t…

Stop doing so much cardio… A lot of people think they have to stick to strictly cardio in order to actually drop fat. That is FALSE! Cardio is great for losing weight but doing ONLY cardio will not get you to your dream body. Especially, doing hours on cardio at a time. This can break down lean muscle mass and trust me… you don’t want that. Lean muscle mass helps burn fat and give your body a great shape.

Instead of just an hour of cardio.. do something like this…

  • Squat to knee raise
  • Jack knife
  • Step up to shoulder press
  • Lateral lunge to knee raise

do 30 reps 3 sets then end your workout with 20 minutes on the stairs. Doing intervals. Example would be: 1 minute as fast as you can go then 1-2 minute active recovery at a slower pace. DEMO VIDEO IS HERE.

And my last Don’t….

Don’t try to spot reduce… We tend to laser focus on areas we don’t like on our bodies and try to just train that area. This isn’t an effective way to train and it can lead to muscle imbalance and cause injury.

I recommend doing full body training whether it’s spilt days or full body workouts. It all works! But don’t neglect any certain muscle group!

Spilt day training routine would be like:

Monday: leg day, cardio

Tuesday: back day, cardio

Wednesday: shoulders, cardio

Thursday: legs, cardio

Friday: core, cardio

Full body routine would look like:

Monday: full body

Tuesday: cardio

Wednesday: full body

Thursday: cardio

Friday: full body

DO what works best with your schedule. I used to do spilt training but after having a baby and time being limited, I did switch to a full body routine. Mine does look a bit different though because I have been training so long. I do full body daily but I focus on a muscle group a bit more each workout.

So for example:

Monday: full body focus on legs, cardio

Tuesday: full body focus on back, cardio

Wednesday: full body focus on shoulders and arms, cardio

Thursday: full body focus on legs, cardio

Friday: full body focus on upper body and core, cardio

What I mean by focus more is if I am doing my full body day focus on legs, my workout would look like this

  • Squats to press
  • Deadlift to row
  • Leg press
  • Kickbacks
  • Hamstring curls

So I am working my full body but focused on my legs.



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