Booty Building Cardio

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Booty Building Cardio…

OK truth be told, you can’t just build a butt on JUST cardio.

You need to have a healthy balance between weights and cardio. Some people are scared to lift weights because they think they will get manly, you won’t… you need them in order to help build lean muscle mass which will lead to burning more fat. Plus, those weights will perk up the booty, tone it, shape it and build it. So don’t be scared!

Now let’s figure out what cardio will help with the booty gains!

Some people think running will help but it won’t especially when it’s long distance running. That will turn your butt into a pancake butt so switch it up for these…

What you should focus on is explosive cardio…

  • Interval Sprints
  • Plyo
  • Spin
  • Stair master (double step)
  • Row Machine
  • Arc Master

Now with cardio, I like to do 1 minute as fast as I can then 1-2 minutes active recovery (slower pace)

Doing interval cardio is the best way to burn stubborn fat and help build lean muscle mass but you only want to do it for 20 minutes at a time. You can continue doing cardio after your intervals at a moderate pace for 10-20 minutes but I wouldn’t recommend going longer than that because it will destroy your gains.

The before picture is right after giving birth. The after picture, I was doing 20 minutes interval training with about 40 minutes  lifting. Don’t be afraid to refuel with protein, carbs and healthy fats after an intense workout. You need a balanced diet to properly function and recover.

I know how overwhelming all of this can be…

So if you are done struggling and trying to do this on your own, take the guesswork out now and join my most popular challenge yet!

The biggest challenge of the year is starting tomorrow.

Are you going to be apart of it?


You guessed it… focused on turning that pancake butt to a pumpkin butt (that was my problem after pregnancy) in just 90 days.

My butt was saggy, I had cellulite and I was storing extra fat all over which drove me nuts so of course, I had to take action.

Especially with holidays coming up because that’s when most people gain 5-15lbs. I wanted to be different and start on my new resolution now so I can walk into 2020, happy, healthy and confident!

So I focused on major muscle groups to burn stubborn fat, build lean muscle mass all to diminish cellulite and boost my metabolism… and it worked!!! 

Yes! I am ready for change.

NO more feeling like crap about yourself. No more saying stuck in the same patterns. No more making excuses or not having the resources to change. It is time to take control!

You deserve to have the body you’ve always imagined. Here’s the thing though… It’s going to take the next level commitment.

If you are willing to finally say YES to yourself, commit to the process and do the work you’ll be sending me pics of you in your 2 piece bikini living life to its fullest.

You are probably wondering what the process looks like? Or where would we begin?

this challenge includes… 

• Biweekly 5-day meal guide

• Biweekly 5-day workout guide (workouts can be done at home or gym)

• Workout videos

• Supplement recommendations

• Facebook support

• Email support

• and of course, amazing results

All for $47 a month but if you join now, you will get the discounted price of $27 a month!

I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals with this program. So let me ask you: Why not you? When is it your turn to feel your best? 

Together we will…

Help you understand exactly what foods to eat in order to burn fat and flatten your stomach

Teach you how to build lean muscle mass through the right exercises which will dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite

You will know how to perform exercises with a library of step-by-step demo videos 

I will email you weekly for accountability and check-ins

You will become a part of our Facebook Group full of new friends on the same journey + additional support from me!

Are you ready to finally get results?

If so, to get YOUR spot now!

Click here to get started on your best booty and all over body.

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