High Intensity Home Workout

High Intensity Home Workout
We are all aware gyms are closed across the nation but that doesn’t mean, we lose focus on our goals. 

It’s more important now to stay focused on your goals.

Shut off the news, write down what you want to accomplish and get active.


Speaking of getting active…  

I wanted to share this HIIT home workout so you can kick booty during our downtime.


Do this workout as a circuit. Keep your reps 12-20 (higher if you are a bad ass) and repeat 4 times!

You want to make sure you keep rest at a minimum so you can keep your heart rate up and burn off that holiday fluff!

Be sure to try and train at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time and keep your diet clean.

Stop overthinking it and making excuses!

If you are feeling lost then contact me and let’s get you on track so you can truly accomplish your goals.

Now Go kill it and Don’t Forget to Share this with your Family and Friends! Cheers to an amazing rest of the year!


Hi Tana! So I was hoping you can help me, I see some of your workouts in instagram and the look great, I just started the gym and I find it difficult to see which machines or weights I should do for that specific area. Was hoping you can help!

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