30 days to a better you

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Now we all got a little more time to work on our goals for 2020.

But I know how hard it is to focus in times like this so I want to help you settle your stress, ease your mind and set you up for success.

So first thing first, we need to let go of the stress and fear.

One way to do that is through meditation so here is a guided meditation to help you out.

Anytime I bring this up, people get super weird about it. haha I get it meditation is tough. It is hard to sit still. It is hard to shut off your mind but that is why I do guided meditations because I struggled with all of that and guided was the problem solver for that. So try it before you knock it. Even if it’s only half the time.

You have to start you day like this. Then give gratitude for all the blessings you have.

Example… “I am grateful I woke up in my cozy home today”

Once that is done, go outdoors for walk or do a quick 5 minute yoga session.

Here is a quick yoga video, I do just to get my body flowing.

Then I get right into my workout! Either outside or in my home gym.


  • Dumbbell swings 30×3 superset Squat to press 30×3
  • Walking lunge with press 30×3 superset Deadlift 30×3
  • Reverse lunge with curl 30×3 superset Superman 30×3

Then I usually go walk McKenzie around the neighborhood.

If the weather is bad I will do a burpee burnout session so at least 15 minutes. Video is linked here.

The reason, I do full body is you burn more fat and work the same muscle groups more often which is key to building lean muscle mass. I recommend doing this workout at least 3 times a week for best results.

Now the most important part… Fueling your beautiful self.

I know stores are limited and sometimes it is hard to find what you need. Especially trying to find it fresh but don’t stress!

Frozen is actually just as a great. Sometimes even better than fresh.

Reason being… Picked, washed, frozen so the nutrients are locked in.

Fresh produce… Picked, shipped, sitting on shelves.

Personally, I do like fresh better because I am a picky eater. haha but either of these are great options.

I do try to stay away from canned foods (unless it’s beans) but if that is the only option. That is totally fine!

Don’t just restore to Oreos because there’s no fresh produce to choose from.

Sticking with Whole Foods such as meats, eggs, beans, rice, nuts, vegetables and fruits will leave you feeling healthy, energized and you’ll get some great results.

To dive deeper into this topic, join me for my free training. I will take you through an incredible full body workout and give you tips and tricks to drop that unwanted fluff and keep it off! Get your spot here.

Here is how I stay creative when I can only find a small amount of different foods.


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