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Do you feel you are stuck in a negative place? Your mindset has everything to do with how you feel. A lot of people cry victim to things and feel sorry for themselves instead of owning things and changing the situation they are in. So today,  I want to share some tips to help you feel happy and be happy.


Try These Things…

Start your day with love and thanks, instead of rushing to check your phone, take a minute to be thankful for the day and just to love yourself.

Happy talk, make sure to Happy Talk yourself, saying, I am Beautiful, I am Enough, I am Confident. Even if you don’t feel it yet, still do it! It’ll help boost your confidence.

Do something you love daily, even if it’s as simple as smelling a flower, just do it!

Work on personal and spiritual development, work on your goals and finish the day with a great guided meditation.

Be patient with yourself, amazing things need time to develop.

Focus on the positive, its tough sometimes, but it’ll create a better day and life for you.


So now that I bring up focus on the positive I want to share a few personal stories and you will see the outcome of how positivity will change your life. Today I heard a story from my best friend Kat, she tells me “my car broke down twice yesterday” with a huge smile on her face. She proceeded to tell me ” I know it sounds shitty, but it really wasn’t, my parents were there to drive me while the tow truck got my SUV and I just had yogurt!”

So she gets to the store and finds out everything is covered under warranty so no charge and leaves the store happy as can be.

Now, about a year ago I got a brand new car, it was my baby! I left the gym one day and it was acting really weird and finally the car shut off in the middle of the road. BRAND NEW CLS550 just fan shut down on me in the middle of a busy road…. I was livid! So, I call my boyfriend to come get me, while I wait for the tow truck. Tow was free, the car was covered under warranty, I didn’t get hit when the car stopped and I had a loving man that came to my rescue when I needed him. Even with all of that I was so focused on the negative. I couldn’t focus on anything else because I was so upset over the fact a brand new Mercedes would do this and the dealership could care less, couldn’t even get me a rental the first day it broke down then they had my car for a week and then told me “it’s not a big deal”.

My attitude was so off for a week over this and I missed so many beautiful moments because of a stupid car breaking down.

The point of telling you those stories is, it’s all about how you look at life. Everything can be turned into something positive and that’s what we need to turn it into. The world is a crazy place and the only way to keep sane is to spread love and positivity to everyone and everything. Try it for a week, look at everything as a positive and see how beautiful the world gets.


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