3 Moves to Sexy Shoulders

3 Moves to Sexy Shoulders

A lot of blogs are focused on glutes and core, Today I wanted to switch it up for those who want Sexy Shoulders! Balance is key to a healthy body so working every muscle group is important. If you just focus on glutes, you can cause an imbalance and be more prone to injury. I know a lot of women are worried about getting bulky, if they work upper body but that won’t happen! We don’t produce enough testosterone to get bulky. So, keep your weight challenging and the reps high!


 Here are some great moves to tone your shoulders.

3 Moves to Sexy Shoulders!

  • Angels
  • Front Raise to Press
  • Three’s

I included a Vlog so you can make sure you have great form. Form is key to working out. If your form is off then lower your weight. You don’t want to get hurt trying to lift heavier than you really can. Plus, it’s not as effective!



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