Stop dieting and start doing this for lasting results

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Want to clean up your eating habits and still get results without going on a full blown diet?

Are you sick of constantly counting calories and macros?

I know tons of people that get so sick of yo-yo dieting and I always tell them, “it’s best to switch out a few things a week and ease your way into a healthier lifestyle, instead of going all out from day 1.

The main issue with going all out on a diet is feeling deprived when you feel deprived, you want more junk, have more cravings and eventually fall off which leads to the typical yo-yo dieting so let’s break that cycle now. Deal?

Here’s 5 steps that will help you clean up your eating habits…


Let’s say you love fast food and soda. For week 1, I would recommend cleaning up your diet by cutting back on soda and replace it with flavored water. Mio is a great product for this. No sugar or calories. Another great option is tea sweetened with stevia or monk fruit.

Week 2, starting cutting back on fast food. If you eat it 4 days a week, cut back to 2 times a week.

Week 3, focus on eating more Whole Foods instead of processed or fast foods.


The bad stuff has to get the hell out of the house. I don’t care how much willpower you have right now, it needs to go. When cleaning up your diet, it is most important to start with your own home. It sucks to throw a brand new box of oreos out but it will suck more if you continue to be unhappy in the own skin you live in.

So make a wise decision to trash the junk food. Go give it to the homeless or someone who needs it and make yourself feel good, knowing you gave it to someone who is in need of it. For cheat meals, I recommend going out instead of ordering in or buying stuff for home because then you get dressed up, feel good about yourself and usually don’t end up going overboard with the food.


Too many people obsessive over counting calories and macros when they should be obsessing with how they feel. You can count calories and macros all day but if you are eating a food that you can’t tolerate, you won’t see results as quickly as you’d like. That is why staying mindful is a great way to figure out what is working for you. Stick with more Whole Foods, see how you feel after a meal and if you are feeling extra bloated, tired and sluggish, cut back on that food.


This is one of my favorites as long as their aren’t too many ingredients haha!

One way to make better eating habits is picking your favorite dish from a restaurant and start making it at home in a healthier way. I usually do curry, beef and broccoli, stuffed chicken and stir Frys to keep things exciting. It helps me feel satisfied and confident about the choices I am making. Plus, yummy food always make the journey easier! Right?


So many people start diets with so much motivation and happiness for change but it usually dies out after that first week.

Has that ever happen to you!?

Ever wonder why?

That first week, our mindset is in it.

We know we are ready for change and excited about it but it seems after that, we start to feel deprived, forget our why then go all in on the ice cream. Right?! haha This is totally normal and it’s usually because our minds are all about being strict on a diet which leaves us feeling deprived so it is healthier to have a mindset that says, “I can eat a cookie and still stay on track.” Too many people throw in the hat when they have a cookie and it all goes downhill from there. This is where the yo-yo dieting really happens.

Correct the mindset.

Don’t beat yourself up over a little slip up. Allow yourself a cheat or 2 a week. It is ok! It is healthy to do.

If you have been struggling with constantly yo-yo dieting then let’s jump on a call ASAP and get this handled for you.

I struggled for 6 years with this, and an extra 40lbs. All because I was stuck on the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting. I missed out on fun times, hot dates and young years, that I will never get back. Now, that I have this dialed in, I can be the mother, the coach, the friend and partner, I’ve always wanted to be and you can too. You just have to take a different approach and make it happen.

Are you ready to make it happen?

If so, book your call below.

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