Food Myths that ruin your progress

Food Myths that ruin your progress
There are so many resources of information out there creating Food Myths! A lot of the time magazines, blogs, and other resources will post some insane diet fad like it is the best thing since sliced bread then change it up the next month saying something totally different.


Do you know why they do that? To keep your interest but let’s face it… it just ends up being overwhelming and confusing.


We do have to remember everyone is different, So there is no, 1 diet fits all. So let’s crack some of these myths so you aren’t feeling so confused. Is that ok with you?



  1. Fat- Free is good for you! Most Fat-free foods are very processed so not the best choice for your health. Plus we need fats in our diet so don’t skip them! Stick with the cheese that has fat in it, not the extra processed shit that is fat-free.
  2. Carbs make you fat! We need carbs to fuel our brain and muscles. You just need to pick the right carbs. Like sweet potatoes instead of french fries. haha Make sense?
  3. Protein will make me bulky! This is false. Protein will help you build lean muscle mass. But too much protein is actually proven to be dangerous, it can lead to kidney stones and digestive issues, so be sure to find a balance. I usually say listen to cravings, it is a great way to figure out if your body needs more.
  4. Frozen Fruit and Veggies are awful! Frozen is actually  fresher than normal produce since it is frozen and packed once it’s picked!
  5. Salads are Healthy and the best way to drop weight! Greens are great for you but the dressings are usually high in sugar so if you do a salad, I recommend spinach with fruit or nuts with a dressing low in sugar.
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