STOP treating yourself like a lab rat!

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Do you ever feel like a lab rat?

I know I use to…

Constantly jumping from one crazy diet to another, Yo-Yo dieting and even binge eating on my stressful days. Can you relate?

After a crazy binge, I’d do more unhealthy shit like take laxatives and starve myself. The more open I became about my struggles in the past, the more I realized how common this is with women. I believe the pressure of looking a certain way has us treating ourselves so poorly and it breaks my heart.

So I want to help you break the unhealthy cycle. I want to inspire and encourage you to take the time to figure out what actually works for you. Not just jumping and doing what everyone else is doing.

And you may be wondering… how the heck do I figure that out?

I’ll share how I did it and how I’ve helped thousands of women do it so they can be happy and confident in their dream body.

  • Stop dieting: Instead, focus on which foods you love, how they respond to your body and finding a healthy balance so you don’t feel deprived and still progress perfectly
  • Stop copying everyone else’s workouts: We are all different and have to stop copying others. That’s how we stress ourselves out. So find workouts that you LOVE and get your the results you want.
  • Stop beating yourself up because things aren’t perfect. Focus on the good and build on that. We fall off so often because we focus on what we didn’t do and that only leads to more “bad” stuff and feeling down about ourselves which is the number 1 enemy in the fitness journey.

If you want help diving deeper into what works best for you then Join me for a free one on one call!

Just click here, fill out the questionnaire, be on time for our call and I will talk with you soon! Don’t be like everyone else gaining weight this Holiday season. Learn how you can eat all the goods and still look good!


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