Fitmas, how to burn fat while still eating cookies

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We are almost through with the Holiday Season and into a New Year.

Unbelievable how time just flies by! Right?

Some of us have already packed on some extra fluff and not feeling great about it which only leaves us feeling more unmotivated.

I want to pick you up out of the funk so you can bring in the New Year feeling great. I believe we all deserve that (unless its your shitty ex then they deserve to feel shitty while you get that revenge body haha)

As you’ve heard me preach before, it is time to ditch the low carb diets and really find overall balance especially during the Holidays. Not only does our body need carbs to properly function so do our hormones which are key to losing weight.

So if you are sick of constantly starting over, binge eating and yo-yo dieting then keep reading.

Over the years of working with busy, amazing ladies, I’ve realized one common mistake they make.. being too restrictive which can really backfire when your hormones are already a bit wacky. Then they pair that with the crazy HIIT, only to be left feeling depleted and still with that sticky muffin top.

The best way to lose weight is working with your hormones instead of against them. We have phases in our hormonal cycle where we can burn fat better and the other half where we are better at burning carbs so cycling between these phases are key to losing weight and keeping it off.

How to plan for this, Day 1 of your period until about day 16, you will be great at burning fat then you will notice your body wanting more carbs. That isn’t a bad thing! It is needed because your cycle is shifting and you will be better at burning carbs so lean into it instead of feeling like a failure.

Let’s get into the game plan…

  1. plan ahead. When we plan ahead, it makes it easier to know when we can get away with more goodies like cookies and wine. Making sure your meals, workouts and fasting styles are figured out for the week.
  2. work with hormones not against them. Understand that meals, workouts and fasting styles will change through the month and that isn’t a failure. That is normal and healthy.
  3. understand what works best for you. Knowing your lifestyle as well as your body is beyond helpful for the long term success. A lot of times, we set ourselves up for failure thinking we have to cook extra meals, live miserably and spend countless hours in the gym. Make things easy and work health and fitness into your busy life now.

Life will always be busy and chaotic and during the Holidays it seems to get even crazier so people tend to put their health and fitness on the back burner which is never good because it will only get you further from your goals. I know that when its cold and things are crazy. It is easier to snuggle up in bed but…

Here’s what I recommend doing…

  1. put warm clothes next to your bed, as soon as you wake up, bundle up and get a quick 5-10 minute workout done
  2. get yummy foods to fill the fridge that are easy to make or premade
  3. break the mindset of, I will start for the New Year by cleaning up your habits now

If you are lacking structure, The 24 day Christmas challenge just started!

With this challenge, I will take you through a gut reset. This will help get rid of stubborn bloating, making it easier for your hormones to do their jobs as well as absorbs nutrients from the foods you eat! Which will help you lose weight and tone up faster.

Next, we work with your hormones instead of against them so you can have more energy, less brain fog, lose weight and tone up with less effort.

The 24 day Christmas challenge includes…

  • A full fat burning meal guide
  • A full body workout made to burn fat and tone up
  • form videos
  • supplement guide
  • group support
  • email support

For only $27 a month! So less than a dollar a day to clean up your habits, balance hormones and making weight loss permeant!

You can sign up by clicking here 

Once you sign up…

Check your email, create your account and login to start your challenge now! Spots are limited so get yours now.





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