Stay on track while Traveling

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Love traveling but you don’t want to ruin your progress?

I totally get it…

My mindset around traveling use to be a lot different than how it is today. 

I committed to, I will find a balance with health even when I travel so I can have the best of both worlds and that’s exactly what I did. Wouldn’t you love to come back from a trip to find out you dropped 5lbs?

I think the number thing is definitely a mindset. Most people when they travel get into this mindset of “f it. It’s vacation” and go all out then feel like crap when they get home from over doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly feel refreshed when you got home?

If that’s what you want then let’s change that mindset to finding balance while on vacation so you can enjoy yourself and feel great.

Food wise while traveling…

Let’s face it, most place now days are extremely accommodating to someone living a healthy lifestyle so when you sit down in a restaurant, instead of falling into old habits and going for the pizza or burger, opt out for something a bit healthier such as burger with a lettuce wrap and fries. Yes, I said fries. haha 

You can have that balance and not be totally screwed up. But let’s say you just do chicken and vegetables for lunch then for dinner you want something bad. Then go for it! 1. you are on vacation and 2. one meal won’t screw up your progress even if you do it 3 days in a row!

I did that little trick for a week in Miami and it was totally fine because 80% of my eating was good and we stayed so active while we were there which is another tip, I’ll share in a few.

Staying on the topic of food, if you are traveling and know that there are only fast food places on the way to your destination then pack healthy options! You can get easy snacks or pack a cooler full of goodies for yourself. It really is that simple.

Just recently, we went on a quick trip, I knew I’d probably get hungry because of traffic and I know my habits… if I don’t have healthy snacks then it will be walking into a gas station and get candy. haha So I packed up my healthy snacks and when we hit the gas station, I thought about the candy but knew I wanted ice cream and wine later so chose to stick to what I packed and passed on the candy!

So my tips, pack healthy options and pick healthy options 80% of the time while you are traveling. You will feel better energy wise and more confidence because you kept your word to yourself. Now… let’s talk about being active…

How to stay active while traveling…

This use to be my biggest mental block because the gym, I use in Vegas in amazing and I always feared that I wouldn’t get an amazing workout while traveling but then I realized…

How great is it that I am switching up my routine and doing different exercises! It’s a great way to get sore and doing something new and exciting. Plus, it keeps me creative because most gym hotels suck! haha

So now, I just pack my bands, workout in the hotel for 10 minutes and for cardio, I aim to do 20 minutes of walking around and exploring to get in my workout. A lot of times, we over think things and feel we have to be in a gym to actually workout but that’s not the case.

You can stay active by doing simple body moves, using bands, using luggage as weight then go out and walk around. Don’t stress about not doing your exact normal routine. Focus on the positive on how you actually got active. That’s a huge win!

I want you to try these tips next time you are traveling and let me know how they work for you. 

Below I included an old video of my quick hotel workout!




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