burn stubborn belly fat

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Are you struggling with stubborn belly fat?

No matter how hard you train or how strict you eat, it doesn’t seem to budge?

This is such a defeating feeling but good news is there is an easier solution. Yes, even in the middle of the Holiday chaos!

Most people especially us women think we need to fast longer, eat less, move more and that will help but sometimes, it actually back fires and causes more weight gain.

So if you are someone, who has been doing lots of intermittent fasting, restrictive eating and HIIT then here’s some easy switch ups…

  1. Take a break from intermittent fasting which can seem scary, if you have been doing it for forever but sometimes, our body needs to feast not fast. Take a break for 7-14 days.
  2. Eat more carbs! This is huge when I talk to women. We need carbs in order to keep our hormones balanced so cutting them out for too long can cause weight gain.
  3. Shorter, steady workouts. Take a break from the HIIT for 7-14 days and allow your body to recoup a bit. Working out is a stressor to the body so is fasting, restrictive eating and like I just said working out so if you are already stressed from family life, work life and life in general. You will see better results by slowing down.
  4. Manage stress. Our society is all about the hustle and bustle… if you aren’t busy, it’s considered lazy which is so toxic. Making sure you have down time and schedule in something that you enjoy once a day will help boost serotonin and lower cortisol so make sure you schedule in a few minutes for yourself.
  5. Meditation. I know what you’re thinking… I don’t have time for that, I can’t meditate… we can make ups million excuses but none of them will help you get the life you desire so hear me out on this! haha. You don’t need hours to do this, you can do this for 1 minute with a guided meditation from YouTube or one of my favorites is a walking mediation from YouTube. I will do this when I do cardio and feel I need to ease my mind a bit and it works wonders.

I hope this helps you this Holiday season. If so, please let me know!


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