Fight Fatigue

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Fight Fatigue…

Sounds easy, right!?

People just think “oh, I just need more sleep.” But a lot more goes into Fighting Fatigue. Most people don’t realize it has to do with…

  • Diet
  • Stress Levels
  • Drinking Caffeine
  • Sleeping with the TV on
  • Not having a Bed Time Routine
  • So how do we fix that?


  • Making sure you are well Rested
  • Cut back on Sugar
  • Cut back on Caffeine
  • Get into a Routine

Getting a good night sleep use to be easy, just get home and pass out after a long day. But now there’s a million things going on in this world and it’s impossible to shut your mind off. I always recommend putting the phone down, TV off, try meditating, stretching, reading a book and truly letting your body calm down at least 30 minutes before your bed time.

For your diet, try to cut back on processed crap, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Processed foods, sugar and alcohol can cause us to be lazy, unfocused and unproductive. As for, caffeine it can disrupt your sleep and cause you to continue in a vicious cycle of fatigue.

Trying to get into a routine can be tough… but it is necessary. Everyday, I wake up go workout, do errands, come home, get calls done, write, film if needed and knock out emails then by 5pm, I start to calm down, I stretch, meditate and read. Lately, I have fallen out of my normal routine and haven’t had a good night sleep in a while which leads me to be tired all day. So I am focusing on getting back into that because rest is so important!

Final topic, STRESS! Stress causes our minds to go haywire! We can all work on not being so stressed…


  • Don’t over think
  • Add daily activities to your routine that truly bring you JOY!
  • Meditate

Have you noticed when people are in a rush, they seem so on edge, drive like shit and act like assholes?  So many of us rush through life and it cause us to be tense, stress and a bit assholey. haha So try being better at time management so you can slow down and enjoy life.

Over thinking… Have you ever looked at your agenda for the week and just started over thinking!? I know I have! I always think, how am I going to get all of this done with so little time!? Once, I break it into small chunks it always help calm me a bit. You also need to have faith, that everything will get done and workout how it is suppose to. The universe has a funny way of doing that.

ADD JOY TO  YOUR LIFE! We are so caught up in what we need to do for others, work and errands that we forget about ourself. Adding something you enjoy doing daily is a great way to make stress go down. I always make sure I have time to Meditate because it brings me a lot of joy and peace.

Meditate… People always think “uh, I’m going to have to sit in a room and not think or do anything while I meditate” and thats not the case. When I meditate, I light candles turn on a guided meditation and think about my goals while I relax. I always feel way more peaceful when I meditate so I always recommend people giving it a try!

Try to follow these tips for 10 days and see how you feel!


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