Diet Hacks

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Diet Hacks to get you Back on Track!

So we all know the struggle of starting over and over and over! Right?

That whole starting over process use to be my best friend until I learned these Diet Hacks…

One day, I realized I was sick of the starting over crap and decided to get serious about my health and goals. My cycle had been EXTREME dieting/ lose weight and then binge eat and gain it all back. It was beyond frustrating and I know a lot of other people struggle with this as well.

I stopped following all the fads and magazine crap. Instead of “dieting” I started making small changes to my everyday eating habits and that is when my results finally stuck with me for longer than a few weeks! So here is how I did it….



1.  Keep Junk Food out of the House: A lot of people think their Willpower is stronger than it really is, so they will buy junk and say it’ll be just for cheat days but then after a long, stressful day, all the sudden they just went through the whole box of it! haha so it’s simple eat your cheat meal then get rid of the leftovers… go feed the homeless. You’ll help someone who is in need and also stay on track with your goals! WIN-WIN!

2. Find Healthy Recipes: This makes Healthy Cooking exciting and helps organize your week. Pick new meals to make, make a list, go to the store and get home to meal prep! This way you have yummy, healthy meals ready for when hunger creeps in! Need recipes? Click here!

3. Fill up on water, protein and fiber:  Water is sure important as we all know. It helps with so much and it even helps with controlling cravings and I know you are probably wondering what the hell is she talking about but sometimes when we are thirsty, we start mistaking that for cravings so stay on track with water! Get your protein in! Protein takes longer to break down so it will keep you fuller longer. And fiber digest slowly so that will also keep you fuller longer!


Go try these tips out and let me know how you like them! Don’t forget to share this with a friend or family member who is struggling with the vicious Yo-Yo Dieting! If you would like a Free Breakthrough, Please email me at


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