Cardio Hacks

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Hit the Track with these Cardio Hacks!

We all love cardio, right? HA HA!

If that was true, I wouldn’t be sharing these hacks and you wouldn’t be reading this!

So in order to make cardio a little easier to get through, I would recommend trying the following…


1. Do in between sets: A lot of times when I get bored with my normal cardio routine, I will start doing plyo or jumping rope in between sets.

2. Find a Friend: This is what I usually do. Having a friend with the same goals will help you get to the gym and push through your workout!

3. Go Outside or Switch it up: When the weather is nice, I will go out to hike, go to a park or just around my neighborhood to get cardio done! It is always a great way to switch things up. If the weather isn’t in the best, I will switch up cardio machines in the gym!

I hope these hacks help you get your cardio in! Don’t forget to share with a friend! And if you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, start HERE!

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