Conquer The Grocery Store

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One of my favorite places to go because I love food! haha This is where you set yourself up for success. So be sure you walk in, ready to conquer it!

2 Rules…

  • Make a list
  • Don’t go in Hungry

Where to Shop in the Grocery Store…

Eat Healthy on a Budget

  • You don’t Have to buy Organic Everything (list below)
  • Buy Generic Brands
  • Buy Fruit and Vegetables that are in Season
  • Canned Foods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Shop with Coupons
  • Check Sales
  • Don’t Waste Money on Junk Food

When to Buy Organic…

Dirty 12, You want to try and buy Organic.

Clean 15, You can buy non-organic and just wash good to get off the pesticides off!



I hope this helps you conquer the grocery store! Please Share with Your Family and Friends!

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