Leg Day With Tana

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Major Request on Leg Day with me!

So I decided to go ahead and take you through my workout with me!


  • Deadlift to Front Squat
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Deadlift
  • Bridges
  • Step up to Reverse Lunge
  • Deadlifts Again haha



Leg Day Tips…

  • Don’t Be Scared of Weights, That’s how you Sculpt Your Legs and Reduce Cellulite
  • Do a mix of Free Weights, Machines, Compounds and Isolation Exercises
  • Don’t do Leg Day Everyday, Allow 24-48 hours in Between Workouts for Recovery

I’ve always trained legs twice a week! Usually Monday and Thursday! I have trained legs so many different ways. And every way has helped in different ways. I use to lift as heavy as I could and keep reps 6-8 and sets 4-5. Now days, I switch between that and lifting light and aiming for higher reps 12-16 and 4 sets. I always recommend sticking to a weight program for at least 4 weeks to see how the plan is working for you. People think they have to switch it up every time they walk into a gym and they don’t have to unless you want too!

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