belly fat, cellulite and thunder thighs… oh my!

belly fat, cellulite and thunder thighs… oh my!

Supplements… Just another confusing part on your health and fitness journey.

No one really dives into what you need so most people are left feeling pretty confused or at least that’s how I use to feel.

I wasted so much money on supplements back in the day, only to be left feeling bloated and gassy. Not cute.

I felt… scammed… so I just stopped buying them then I ran into the issue of not getting enough of what I needed so I ended up being bloated and fat… another not cute look. hahahaha

I realized it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I created a line that is all natural and focuses on the most important thing in your health and fitness journey. YOUR GUT HEALTH. Most companies don’t focus on this and it leaves us ladies feeling bloated and sometimes even a little gassy and no one wants to kill that cute cuddle moment with a nasty protein fart…….

I’ve been working hard on solving that problem so you can get rid of cellulite, tone up and lose that stubborn belly fat.


PROTEIN POWDER:  whey protein, this mixes well with liquid, no chalky yucky taste. Includes digestive enzymes, minerals to help absorb protein faster making sure you tone up without the bloat!

MAX BURN: this is an all natural fat burner, that will help you burn fat without the jitters.

PROBIOTIC: this is where your health really begins, we have to keep the gut healthy in order to make sure you absorb all your nutrients. That lone will help you progress faster.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: No more choking down those nasty apple cider vinegar shots in the morning. All the great benefits of apple cider vinegar now in a simple pill.

MAX DETOX: This isn’t your typical shit-your-brains out detox. This will help your body detox. Getting rid of brain fog, bloat and unwanted fluff!


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