5 Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

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   Time to talk about something we all hate, cellulite. One of the most frustrating things a woman can deal with. It seems to appear out of no where. Right? Like one day, you are rocking the booty shorts feeling cute next thing you know, you are trying to make an extra large men’s t shirt look cute at the pool to cover up. Have you ever done that?

I know I have and it is flat out embarrassing so let’s get this handled so that never happens again!

To really overcome it, we must understand what is cellulite…

 It is when the fat cells congregate under the skin and create a dimple-like appearance above the skin. Cellulite can be genetic, hormonal or just from bad habits but we can still reduce the appearance of it!

1.STAY HYDRATED: If you don’t drink enough water, you will end up holding more water which can make your cellulite look worse. Staying hydrated will keep things flowing and will be able to help the appearance of cellulite. So try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. I personally try drinking a full gallon a day, especially if I eat bad.
2. CLEAN UP YOUR EATING! Having bad eating habits will never do us any good. Its ok to have your cheat meal or cheat day a few times a week but on a normal basis try getting at least 3 good meals in a day. I recommend a lot of greens, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins to keep your body good on the inside and out. Avoid processed carbs, sugar and too much alcohol. 

 3. LIFT WEIGHTS: When you lift, your muscles will grow and help tighten the skin, which will help diminished the appearance of cellulite. Don’t be scared to go heavy, the heavier the better but always remember good form over all! I do recommend to mix of  isolation and compound movements to really get all areas and push yourself.

4. FOAM ROLL/MASSAGE/ DRY BRUSH: Working on breaking down that hard tissue and flushing your system with water right after will help get the toxins out so you will get your smooth appearance back. I recommend to foam roll after your workout and massage cellulite areas in the shower with warm water. Be sure to drink water after this to flush out the toxins.
5. SCRUBS AND OILS: This is something I actually just decided to try out. I got sick of buying all the creams that have a bunch of chemicals in them. So I took the natural route and decided to order grapefruit or cinnamon oil. I mix them together with a little coconut oil and massage in, where it is needed. In the shower, I use a coffee scrub and do a lymphatic massage to help get things flowing. Don’t forget to flush your system with water after!
If you need help structuring your meals and your workouts to tone up faster and easier without giving up your favorite foods or obsessing over counting every macro you put in your mouth then reply to this now for a free consultation!


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