How to properly detox and lose weight

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If you have followed me for a while then you know… on average people gain 5-15lbs during the Holiday Season.

Pretty alarming, right?

I don’t want that to prevent you from living your best life. I truly believe the Holiday Season is a beautiful time to spend with loves one, laughing over wine and good foods. As fun as it is to be in the moment, it can leave us feeling pretty crappy the next day.

Which is never good because that will usually fall into a downward spiral.

That is why I want to talk about detoxing immediately and even more beneficial for weight loss, that way you can enjoy the Holidays without restrictions and truly feel and look better. Sound good?

The first thing we are going to do is fasting.

You can do intermittent fasting which is picking windows to eat within or you can do a longer water fast. I usually recommend starting with intermittent fasting and work your way into longer fast. The way to do intermittent fasting after a Holiday weekend would be to not eat until 10 or 11am  the next day then stop eating by 5 or 6pm. Whatever is best with your lifestyle is what I would recommend sticking with.

Next thing is how to eat and train while detoxing.

You can still do weights and cardio while you are not eating. Some people fear they will lose muscle mass but that’s simply not the truth. Your body will be able to detox and start burning stored fat which is obviously what we want. When it is time to eat, you need to make sure you are eating the proper things. So many times, women break their fast eating sugar filled fruits, smoothies or way too many carbs and fats which only cause women to gain weight. First meal should be a protein and a fat. Second meal you can add your carbs in and same with your last meal. You should focus on Whole Foods and limit processed crap for best results.

Last but not least…Supplements.

This was one of my most confusing parts of my journey. I was a supplement junkie thinking, I had to take supplements and that was the only way to fast results. I ended up wasting a lot of money in the process and doing more harm than good to my body. I always recommend keeping it as natural as possible and only adding in supplements that will boost your body’s natural ability to do something. So something like a detox supplement… it shouldn’t be filled with laxatives or harmful stuff. This may help short term but can cause long term issues so please keep that in mind. Finding herbs to boost your body’d natural ability to detox is great or you can order max detox. It has all the herbs you need to make sure your body thrives with detoxing. You can order yours here. 

Once I broke things down this simple for myself and not only myself but for my clients who are women just like you… it has been a huge game changer… I’ve helped more women than ever before accomplish their dream body while still enjoying life and it’s time for you to do the same. Stop with the crazy expensive cleanses, stop eating every 3 hours, stop focusing on only cardio… start focusing on the foods and workouts that work best for you, figure out an eating schedule that is easy for you to stick to and find supplements, that are natural that get you closer to your dream body without harming you. Health and fitness are very simple when you break it down and if you need help with that process…

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