The Holiday Detox

The Holiday Detox

Did you know the average American gains about 15-20lbs during the holiday season!?

So how do you avoid being that average American?

It is hard to say “no” to all the amazing goodies! It’s hard to get out of our warm, comfy beds in the morning to get our butts to the gym. All of this makes it easy to put on a couple pounds without even noticing. I have been guilty of that myself but decided to change it up so I can enjoy the Holidays and still have a tone tummy!

Now that I have successfully done it for a few years, I want to share my  guideline to  help you keep off the holiday fluff and kickstart your happiness, health and fitness before the New Year. I totally understand it’s hard to stick to a strict diet, that’s why I never push people to be on some crazy, insane diet. I believe in balance 100%! So for the Holidays I do recommend to enjoy yourself. Just don’t over do it! When you know you have a big holiday meal coming up, clean up your diet, get your workouts in then go enjoy the big holiday meal!

People make a lot of excuses during the Holidays and just completely give up on their happiness, health and fitness which is awful because you completely back track! Instead of making excuses, start making changes. Good habits are just as easy as bad habits to create.


  • Write Down Goals: It’s important to write down your goals DAILY, to help keep you focused and on track. Having goals will also help keep you motivated during the Season.
  • Have a Schedule: Making a schedule will help make sure you knock out everything you wanted to.
  • Have a Meal Plan: This will help you plan your meals and also your cheats so you don’t over do it.
  • Have Food Prepped: Having your food ready will help you make a better choice of picking up a piece of chicken over a cookie.
  • Have a Workout Plan that You Can do Anywhere: A workout you can do anywhere comes in handy, for the days you get to busy for the gym or if you are traveling, that way you will still have a plan to knock out.
  • Carry Water with you: Drinking water will help keep you full and help with cravings.
  • Support: Having family or friends to do this with, makes it more enjoyable and easier to keep on track.

If you know you have a holiday party coming up, try these tips for the week ahead…

  • Stay on your diet all week, use party night as cheat night
  • Get your workouts in, lift heavier
  • Get your cardio in, do extra since you know you will be enjoying yourself
  • Stay on top of your water, even at the party
  • Don’t stress over the party, go and enjoy

The aftermath… The following day

  • Get your Healthy meals in, don’t just eat the leftover junk
  • Fill up on fiber and protein so you aren’t hungry and having cravings all day
  • Flush out your system with more water, throw a lemon in there to kick it up a notch
  • Try to get a workout in, even if it’s short! Have to sweat it out! literally! haha
  • I’ll even kick it up a notch and throw some detox organics in my diet 2 times a day to help get rid of the bloat (discount code TC, if you want to try some)

I hope these tips inspire you to kick some butt and stay on track this Holiday Season. You don’t have to give up on your goals just because of a few Holidays and Traveling. Let’s Challenge ourselves to do better and make ourselves proud.

If you want my full 21 day detox then join my stay fit challenge by clicking here.

It helps burn stubborn and get you balanced back out before the next Holiday!

Who should do a 21 day detox?

Anyone who feels slugging, bloated, tired all the time and holding extra tummy fluff.

Anyone who wants to get  jump-start on their goals instead of waiting until January 1st.

Anyone who wants to avoid weight gain during the Holiday Season.

Anyone feeling stuck, lost or bored with their fitness.

Anyone who is ready to just feel GOOD again.

What does it include?

  • 7 day meal guide with easy to switch out options
  • 5 day workout guide with easy to follow videos (fat blasting full body workouts can be done ANYWHERE)
  • Supplement guide
  • Facebook support
  • Email support
  • Quick results

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