Add Mass to That Ass

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Add Mass to That Ass…

During the Holiday Season, it is a great time to take advantage of the Holiday Gains! A lot of us are enjoying yummy foods with family and friends and instead of feeling guilty about it, I say we put it to good use, right? So let’s Add Mass to That Ass!!!

Exercises  to focus on during this time…

  • Sumo Squats
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • Leg Press
  • Spilt Squat
  • Walking Lunge

When trying to gain muscle mass, it is best to keep the weight heavy, reps low and slow, sets high and workouts short. Each set I recommend trying to increase your weight by 5lbs, even if you can only do 3 reps with that weight with good form, do it then lower the weight again and finish your reps. Keep reps 8-12 with sets of 4-6. This not only helps add muscle but will help with strength. Form is key to your exercises so be sure to always keep great form for best results and to avoid injury.  I tell my clients no cardio when trying to gain. Get your weights in and go eat!

People wanting to Add Mass to That Ass and Tone the Tummy…

  • Weighted Jump Squats
  • Weighted Burpee
  • Sprints With Weight Vest
  • Stairs With Weight Vest or Ankle Weights

These are some workouts you will want to add with the pervious list! With these workouts I recommend 20 seconds on 30 seconds off so it will be like interval cardio. Repeat 3-4 times. This way you get your weights and cardio in. Interval Cardio is what helps burn the stubborn Tummy Fluff so it’s important to knock out. I recommend Picking 3 workouts from the Top List and 3 from the bottom. After your workout, you can do about 20 minutes of extra cardio if you feel its needed then get out and eat!



You need Protein, Carbs and Fats for your body to refuel and recover. Before training I usually do a protein and healthy fat then after I get my protein and carbs with a little fat and a side of my BCAA drink. A lot of people are scared of carbs thinking, “oh that’ll make me fat!” Well, guess what!? IT WON’T!!! Unless you are eating the wrong carbs which I think we know what those are… Cookies, Cake and all that good stuff haha Those carbs are fine to eat once a week but for overall health and fitness, try not to over due it. Try Good Carbs like oats, beans, rice, potatoes, veggies and fruits.

During the Holiday time, I know its hard to stay away from the goodies so I know a lot of us may overdue it on the bad carbs. What I try to do during the Holidays is go and train a leg day, heavy and hard, that way I know I burned a lot and can have those extra calories to repair my body. I always try to get the protein in first, to fill me up so I don’t overindulge on sweets and bad carbs. I would recommend trying the same especially if you don’t want to gain fat.


Supplements to gain lean muscle mass…

  • BCAA
  • Protein Shake

I don’t recommend a ton of supplements but these do help if you fall short of your protein.

Supplements to burn belly fat…

  • BCAA
  • Protein Shake
  • B-12
  • Fat Burner (optional)

BCAA helps with rebuilding as well as protein. I love my BCAA because it is sweet and helps with cravings. My protein is usually something yummy so I can make it as a dessert at night, this will help rebuild and also keep you full so you don’t snack on the bad stuff. B-12 is a great energy booster, I use it every morning and afternoon along with my fat burner.


I hope these tips help you! Would love your feedback!


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