How to repair your Metabolism

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How to Repair Your Metabolism

We can do a lot of damage to our metabolism over the years and it will eventually catch up so we want to repair it asap so you can be the fat burning machine, you were made to be!

First, how do you know if your metabolism needs a repair?

  1. If you get hangry after a few hours without food
  2. Bloated, tired or sluggish after food
  3. The obvious one… not losing weight

These are all signs you need to repair your metabolism.

How do we start to repair it? Let’s start with foods (because we all love food, right?) haha

  • Healthy Fats: Coconut Oil, Avocado, Almond Butter, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds
  • Protein: Chicken, Ground Turkey, Fish, grass fed organic beef
  • Carbs: Vegetables, Fruits

Each meal should be made around protein. Protein helps build lean muscle mass and that alone helps repair our metabolism. We have such an abundance of food in America but we are all starving for nutrients. We are choosing a lot of foods that don’t help our bodies. Try cutting out processed foods, sugars and greasy foods. When I say cut out sugar, I mean Twizzlers and crap like that. Fruit is not a bad sugar in moderation so I recommend only having it one time a day at max.

We all know how great exercise is to boost your metabolism but are you doing the right workouts?

Here is what I recommend for workouts.

  • SHORT interval cardio instead of long hours of cardio
  • Circuit training instead of just supersets
  • Increasing weight on weighted exercises

Stress and Rest

Stress has a lot to do with our health. We know it isn’t healthy to stress over things but we still do it. Did you know stress can actually affect every hormone in our body? INSANE! RIGHT?! That kills our metabolism. So manage your stress and make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in health and fitness as well. This is when our body gets to recover  and build that lean muscle mass that we need to be fat burners so it’s important to get your rest.

How to handle stress…

  • Yoga/Meditate/ Walk in nature
  • Positive Self Talk Every Morning and Night
  • Adding in Activity you Enjoy Daily
  • Talk to Someone or Journal aka VENT
  • Xanax- haha Jk- Kava is a great natural way to calm your body

All the above will help keep your mind and body calm and happy.

If you are still struggling with your weight loss journey and you are sick and tired of not seeing results, feeling sluggish and bloated then let’s jump on a zoom call and dive into your goals, see where you are stuck and get you on track once and for all!

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