5 Steps to Stop Cravings

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What Are Your Cravings Telling You…

We look at cravings as bad or annoying these days. Not all cravings are bad! It can be so frustrating to be doing great with your eating habits then BOOM! Out of no where you get a crazy craving, that you just can’t stop thinking of. Instead of looking at cravings as such a bad thing, we should take a pause in our busy life and figure out what our body is telling us. We could be lacking something important biochemically or emotionally…

What is your body trying to tell you?

When we crave something, it is a lack of something in our diet or life. Have you noticed when people get stressed, most people will turn to food, because it is comforting and our body knows it will help calm us for that moment. Us ladies get cravings of chocolate usually around our time of the month, Why is that? Chocolate has magnesium in it and magnesium actually helps with cramping. Our body will crave the best tasting food with the nutrient that it needs at that time. Pretty cool, Huh?

Something to Stop and Think About Next Time you get a Craving…

What Are we Lacking?

  • Balance
  • Certain Nutrient
  • Sleep
  • Love
  • Touch
  • Intimacy
  • Creativeness
  • Exercise

It is a proven fact that humans need all of the above so be sure to make sure your needs are being met.

Cravings chart to see what you may be lacking…



5 Steps to Break the Cravings…

  • Drink more water
  • Eat less food so you aren’t constantly spiking your insulin. Doing IF can help with this.
  • Eat more balanced
  • Cut out the  insanely processed crap like cakes, donuts and ice cream
  • Be sure to manage your stress so you can sleep better. Have you ever noticed that when you have you a bad night sleep you crave more carbs the next day?

Remember This for Your Next Craving!

Stop and take a moment to realize what you are really feeling and figure out if it is emotional or biochemical. Take a look at the chart and figure out a smart way to fuel your cravings to help you stay on track! You will feel better and continue to look better. So many times we just jump and cave to our craving and that will leave us feeling disappointed when the moment is over. I want to make sure you truly have great knowledge over what your body needs so you can drop the weight and keep it off.


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