Keep Your Booty on Your Weight Loss Journey!

Keep Your Booty on Your Weight Loss Journey!

ALRIGHT LADIES, Let’s talk business.

Booty Business…

Yes, you will lose a bit of booty on your health and fitness journey but I will share some exercises and diet tips to help you burn that stubborn fat and keep your perky booty.

The way to build the perfect booty during the Holiday season is by lifting those weights! We need to put those pumpkin calories to good use so time to get the perfect pumpkin butt. Sound good? 

I use to hate the Holidays because I always struggled with weight gain but I finally switched my mindset and decided I am going to use my Holiday calories towards my fitness goals. Instead of beating yourself up over a piece of candy, allow yourself some grace. Aim for only 2-3 days a week where you have a cheat meal or treat and on those days work your booty. Since it is a larger muscle group you burn more calories and can get away with sneaking in some treats here or there.

When you lift, be sure to lift some weights! Stop focusing on just cardio or body weight exercises because you’re scared to get “bulky” you won’t get bulky. Muscles do swell after a workout because the blood flow that goes to that muscle but it will go down 24-48 hours after your workout. So don’t stress!

One of my favorite routines to do after a cheat treat is…

The Pumpkin Butt Workout

  • Spilt squat with bar
  • Deadlift to squat with bar
  • Squat with band
  • Hip abduction with band

Doing that little routine 3 times a week will help shed those unwanted pounds while sculpting the perfect booty. I also included a video below so you have correct form while doing this routine.


And if you want to take your booty game to the next level then you need this…


Who is it for?!
My busy babes who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and ready for results.
If you are willing to finally say YES to yourself, commit to the process and do the work you’ll be living your best life in no time… yes… even with how wack 2020 has been! haha

You are probably wondering what the process looks like? Or where would we begin?

this challenge includes… 

• Biweekly 5-day meal guide

• Biweekly 5-day workout guide (workouts can be done at home or gym)

• Workout videos

• Supplement recommendations

• Facebook support

• Email support

• and of course, amazing results

All for $27 a month!

I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals with this program.

So let me ask you: Why not you? When is it your turn to feel your best? 

Together we will…

Help you understand exactly what foods to eat in order to burn fat and flatten your stomach

Teach you how to build lean muscle mass through the right exercises which will dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite

You will know how to perform exercises with a library of step-by-step demo videos 

I will email you weekly for accountability and check ups

You will become a part of our Facebook Group full of new friends on the same journey + additional support from me!

Are you ready to finally get results?

If so, to get YOUR spot now!

Click here to get started on your best booty and all over body.

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