Keep Your Booty on Your Weight Loss Journey!

Keep Your Booty on Your Weight Loss Journey!

ALRIGHT LADIES, Let’s talk business.

Booty Business…

Yes, you will lose a bit of booty on your health and fitness journey but I will share some exercises and diet tips to help you burn that stubborn fat and keep your perky booty.

When you are working your lower body, don’t be scared to lift weight. This transformed my butt in such an incredible way! Add some plyo or sprints in the mix and you have the recipe to success for the perfect booty. A lot of times, we get scared to do this stuff thinking our legs will get massive, they may grow a bit but it will be lean muscle mass which will help you sculpt your body.

Booty Builder, Tummy Toner Routine

  • Jump Squats
  • Pulse Lunge
  • Burpee to Squat

Doing that little routine 3 times a week will help shed those unwanted pounds. I also included a video below so you have correct form while doing this routine.

As far as diet, I would recommend carb cycling. That way you can eat higher carbs to replenish your muscles on your leg days and lower carbs on upper body days which will force your body to fuel on fat for an energy source. If this doesn’t feel right for your body type then don’t do it! Not everything works the same for everyone. If you need help figuring out your diet then let me know and I will help you out! Just shoot me an email me at [email protected]


And if you want to take your booty game to the next level then you need this…


Who is it for?!
Anyone who is busy, stuck, lost and wanting to put those holiday calories to good use (build and shape that booty) and start burning stubborn fat instead of storing it!
It includes…
Meal guide (lots of variety no crazy diets! You still get to enjoy the best of the holiday treats without gaining all the holiday weight)
Workout guide with videos (you can do at gym or home)
Supplement guide (best products so no more wasting money)
Facebook support (amazing community so you have motivation to reach your goal)
And amazing results (unheard of for most during the holiday season but I have an amazing strategy for you)
The workouts are short, sweet and to the point. The meal guide is easy to follow and can be switched out with other options! All you have to do is get stared here
Go to stay fit, Create your account and pumpkin butt challenge from last year is own there now! But the new and improved will be uploaded on October 15th! This is an 8 week challenge. I do recommend getting your spot now before the challenge is filled! Only 6 more spots left. This is my most popular challenge so I know you’ll love it!
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