3 ways to overcome weight loss resistance

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We all want to drop weight quickly, right?

We all want to do it the correct way so the weight doesn’t come right back on, right?

If you are still reading this then I’m going to assume, the answer is HECK YES!

Here is what I do when I feel like I am weight loss resistant…


I hear women all the time talk about how they focus on cardio for weight loss or how scared they are to do weight training… It kills me because muscle is the best way to lose fat and keep it off. There’s nothing wrong with cardio but you need to be sure to get your weight training in as well. A great way to ease into this process without injury or getting so sore, you don’t want to workout for days…

  1. Stick with the basics. Squats, deadlift, lunge, row, shoulder press, push up, plank.
  2. Master form then add weight. Body weight is fine to start with then once you feel ready, you can add weight.
  3. Pick 3 days to workout at home for 15 minutes. It doesn’t seem like much but research is backing that when you take those consistent steps in a healthier direction, you are more likely to stick with it.

The next easy step to do is focus on getting protein in and I am talking real protein. I grew in the protein shake and protein bar era so I thought all protein was pretty much the same. I lived on protein bars for a long time until I really understood gut health and how bad these bars are for it. I was experiencing bloating, more cravings, hungier and not really seeing any results.

Once I switched to animal protein, I felt better, less cravings, less hunger because of all the great nutrients, I was getting from that simple switch up. I tell women to eat about a fist size of animal protein with each meal to get enough protein in and start seeing better results.

Which leads me to the last hack…

Solid meals. If you are grazing all day, you aren’t doing anything good for yourself. You are just spiking insulin and when insulin is high, you can’t burn fat. So make sure you do 2-4 solid meals a day. Aim for Whole Foods not overly processed junk as that destroys your gut health and makes it challenging to lose weight. You can still have your junk foods once or twice a week, just make sure it isn’t in your daily eating habits so you can control cravings, hunger and lose weight easier.

I really want 2024 to be the year, you feel your best so I am breaking things done as easy as I possibly can. That way you can start adding in these healthy habits and stick with them.

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