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This is something I have been hearing a lot about lately. So many people are so scared of hiring online trainers because of current scams going on online. I understand where people are coming from. You are trusting a complete stranger you know nothing about. I would recommend emailing them and getting a consultation to see what their background is and see if you guy’s click. If they won’t give you the time of day, then screw them and find a better fit for you!



Fear of Disappointment…

When I do client check ins, I have about 2 people a week, that will say…

“I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t disappoint you” or “I didn’t reply last week because I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

They go on to tell me that they did 2 cheat meals instead of 1 or missed a few days in the gym and the only part I get sad about is the fact, they think they need to say sorry, thinking I’m disappointed with them. We are all human, some weeks we are on our shit, some weeks we are a complete shit shows. It is life!

All I care about is that you continue to move forward on your journey and not let the little things bring you down. Trainers are here for guidance and support. If you can’t openly talk to your trainer without feeling judged, I think thats just sad. I can almost bet they had a week where they missed a few days in the gym or a little to much junk food.  When weeks like that happen, let it go and continue to move forward.

Fear of Failing…

I understand how overwhelming things can be when you are starting a new journey. A lot of people look at a health and fitness journey as a punishment, when it is far from it. We focus so hard on the things we can’t have while switching into a new lifestyle that it consumes us and we usually fail. It’s happen to me a few times… in my head I’m like “oh shit, no more fast food, no more ice cream, no more sleeping in!”

Instead of looking at the benefits

  • More Confidence
  • Feeling More accomplished
  • Happier
  • No More Sluggish Feeling
  • Waking up Early and Getting Things Done
  • Progress on Your Goals

So Many amazing things happen once you stick to your fitness journey, so don’t let fear stop you from anything! I hope you go kick ass after reading this and let your amazing journey start!

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