Summer Slim Down

Summer Slim Down

Do you want to drop weight, kick that sugar craving and build the booty this summer?

That’s my goal… always. haha

I thought after giving birth it was going to be hard to get off the sugar, drop the weight and turn my pancake butt back into a perky booty but surprisingly I am down 42lbs in less than 8 weeks. And…my butt is finally perky again. Insane, right? In case you’re wondering, no I’m not doing some crazy diet or spending ridiculous hours in the gym.

I am actually limited to when I can go to the gym and how long I can workout now that I have my baby girl. So my new routine is 2 days a week, I workout at home and 3 days I try to go to the gym. I only use bands and dumbbells at home and my cardio is usually a walk, spin bike or plyo (depends on how much sleep I got that night haha)

As far as my “diet” goes, I have always been a huge believer in a well balanced “diet”.

Personally, I do really well on it. I don’t feel deprived, plus I find it easier to kick the cravings. It’s when we restrict ourselves that we throw our body off and end up with those cravings. Makes sense, right?

Once I realized this, I switched all my clients to foods they love and enjoy so they could stay on track and keep the results they worked so hard for. I’ve seen people get quicker results, have long term success and end up more confident and happy in the long run. Who doesn’t want that?!

I wanted to share some snack ideas and workouts with you to help you enjoy the summer and show off your body!

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