Summer Slim Down

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Do you want to drop weight, develop healthy eating habits and build the booty this summer?

I thought after giving birth it was going to be hard to get off the sugar, drop the weight and turn my pancake butt back into a perky booty but surprisingly I am down 54lbs and in the best shape of my life.

In case you’re wondering, no I’m not doing some crazy diet or spending ridiculous hours working out.

I’m on more of a time crunch than ever before so it is super important for me to have a quick, effective and fun workout.

As far as my “diet” goes, I have always been a huge believer in a well balanced “diet” mixed with IF.

Personally, I do really well on it. I don’t feel deprived, plus I find it easier to kick the cravings. It’s when we restrict ourselves that we throw our body off and end up with those cravings.

Once I realized this, I switched all my clients to foods they love and enjoy so they could stay on track and keep the results they worked so hard for. I’ve seen people get quicker results, have long term success and end up more confident and happy in the long run. Who doesn’t want that?!

I know most women, I talk to are dying to be confident and happy. They know the best way to do that is through health and fitness but don’t know where to start so if you are ready to drop weight, tone up and develop healthier eating habits so you can enjoy your favorite foods and still see the results you want then I want to invite you to the Summer Slim Down Challenge!

This will be taking place in my Stay Fit Monthly Challenge!

The Summer Slim Down Challenge is an 8 week challenge. I will teach you how to properly do IF while having a well balanced diet so you can kick the cravings and learn to control your eating. The workouts are full body HIIT circuits to maximize fat loss and build lean muscle mass. Even though the workouts are full body workouts, there is a little extra focus on reducing cellulite, building up the booty and burning stubborn stomach fat. That way you are ready to rock that bikini WITH CONFIDENCE when lockdown is done.

Get your spot now for only $17 a month! (less than a dollar a day)

For $17 a month you will get.

  •  5 Day Meal Guide (changes biweekly)
  •  5 Day Workout Plan with Videos (changes biweekly)
  • A Supplement Guide
  • Facebook support
  • Email Support
  • AND A BIKINI BODY  (just follow what I say)

Usually $47 a month but you get all of this for ONLY $17 a month!

Looking forward to seeing your results!


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