Where to Start…

Where to Start…

Where to Start…

It can be pretty confusing trying to figure out where to start on your fitness journey because there is so much information out there!

I want to break it down nice and simple for everyone. If you can’t afford a trainer, you need to be ready to do some research and playing around with your diet and workouts. Oh and get your motivation dialed in!

First, figure out your goal, how much time you want to be in the gym and how you want to clean up your eating habits aka a diet plan.

How to figure out your goal and break it down…

Say you want to drop about 20lbs, that can be your long term goal. After you set that up, you will want to break it down to smaller goals so say 2-5lbs a week. Then plan your week to make sure you are successful with the smaller goal. Its really that simple. Some weeks you may get off track and not hit your goal and thats ok.

When that happens, you need to refocus and get back on track. A lot of people will just give up at that point and there’s never a good idea because then you’ll never accomplish the big goal. I usually have my clients do a vision board to help keep them on track. To see a sample of that, check out my blog “how to achieve your goals”

How to figure out your workout plan…

So with your workout, figure out how many days and hours, you want to spend working out. Once that’s all figured out, be sure to break your time down, how long do you want to do weights and how long do you want to do cardio. Everyone will be different with the amount of time they spend on weights and cardio but it is a good idea to have a healthy balance between the two. Another thing to keep in mind, create a workout plan that includes all muscle groups. You don’t just want to work one muscle group. First off, its not healthy and Second, you don’t want to create an uneven body because it’ll look silly. haha.  I have a blog on Cardio VS Weights that will give you a good idea on how to spilt that up.


The Biggest Struggle People Face… MEALS….

We all know the difference between good and bad foods. We know McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries isn’t healthy and a better choice would be a turkey burger with sweet potato at home. Now if you are out and about, with only a choice of fast food to eat, then I’d recommend somewhere you can order protein and veggies, to make it simple. A lot of times when I don’t have a choice but to eat out, I’ll grab Zaba’s or Samurai Sam’s. Even though it’s better to eat at home (easier to stay on track), sometimes we have no choice. I do recommend people meal prepping so you have food on you and it’s easier to make better choices while you are starving or busy.


Do you need supplements?

Supplements have made my life easier but it’s not a life or death situation. You don’t need supplements… They can benefit you with energy, recovery and getting your protein in when you don’t feel like eating. I usually use a fat burner for energy because I don’t like pre workout but everyone is different. Some people love pre workout! Another great pre workout for me is coffee. haha I’ll drink 2 cups in the morning and go get crazy in the gym. I also use BCAAs and protein. The BCAA helps me with my sweet tooth and also my soreness. Protein shakes have been the same way… if I want ice cream or something bad, I can make a yummy protein shake in the blender with protein, almond milk, peanut butter and ice!

Fitness is pretty simple. It’s about finding a goal and figuring out what works best with your body. I’ve done every diet, workout and battled with weight issues, eating disorders and the whole sha-bang. Once I broke it down and made it simple with a positive “I can do this” mindset, I was finally able to find a good, healthy balance. I hope this helps you find a good, healthy balance as well. Play around with a few different diets and workouts to see what helps your body best but always remember to be healthy and happy, that’s what fitness is truly about.

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