How to start your weight loss journey (successfully)

How to start your weight loss journey (successfully)

Do you want to lose weight but feel overwhelmed by loads of info online?

Yeah, I’ve been there and the more research I did… the most lost I was. I struggled with an extra 40lbs of fluff a lot longer than I needed too and I don’t want that to happen to you. So let’s get you started off easily and effectively.

First thing first, figure out your goal.

I know it sounds simple but so many people beat around the bush with this and it leaves them with no sort of direction.

It is hard to be honest with ourselves but in order to become what we deserve, we have to be.

I use to try and be gentle with myself, beat around the bush and pretend, I only wanted to drop 10lbs and I would be happy. Knowing damn well… my ass needed to drop 40lbs. haha But it hurt saying that out loud so I never did. That left me struggling for a very long time. So get real and get your goal.

Next figure out your schedule.

What will work best with your schedule right now? What style of eating? How many days can you workout out? How long do you want to workout? Do you want to workout at home or the gym?

Figuring this stuff out now WILL help you stick to your plan and accomplish your goal.

I’ve been into health and fitness for 17 years and I still have to adjust my schedule from time to time. Especially with mom life. There’s no way I could go back to counting calories and spending hours in the gym. It just doesn’t work for me anymore. So I decided to do IF and a mix of home and gym workouts that only take up an hour of my day, 5 days a week.

Plan it out but be flexible.

Each Sunday morning or night, I recommend sitting down and planning you week so you have a game plan on how to accomplish your goal.

Schedule when you will workout, look up yummy, easy recipes then write down the weekly goal.

Let’s say overall, you want to drop 20lbs. You won’t lose that in a week unless you go to the plastic surgeons office… let’s just be real so each week, write down… I will drop 2lbs this week. That way you are talking positive to yourself and making your goal realistic.

Now, we know not all plans go perfectly and that’s ok. Don’t let that discourage you, don’t put off your plan for the day. Just figure out another way of getting it done. This is how you stay in the habit of committing to your goal and accomplishing it.

FAQ’s while starting a weight loss journey.

Do I have to workout daily?

NO! you only need about 3-5 days a week and you only need about 30-60 minutes each session. With that being said, if you do enjoy going on daily walks, definitely do that. It is always good to stay active but don’t overwhelm yourself and believe you have to be living in a gym in order to accomplish your goal.

Do I have to meal prep?

NO! You can still eat at your favorite restaurants, you can cook yummy, fresh meals or do crockpot meals. Whatever is best for you. If you enjoy meal prepping and it helps you then do it but don’t believe that this is the only way to be successful on your weight loss journey. While we are on the topic of meals, I want you to throw out the old belief that you have to eat every 3 hours in order to burn fat. It just isn’t true. Eat when you feel hungry. No need to stress over constantly eating.

Oh, if you want a meal prep company, I do recommend this one here (click here) you can use my discount code “TC” but sh! That’s between us. Their dessert is my all time favorite.

Do I need supplements?

Supplements have made my life easier but it’s not a life or death situation. You don’t need supplements… They can benefit you with energy, digestion, recovery and getting your protein in when you don’t feel like eating. I usually use a fat burner for energy because I don’t like pre workout. Protein shakes help me get my protein in and calm my sweet tooth… if I want ice cream or something bad, I can make a yummy protein shake in the blender with protein, almond milk, peanut butter and banana. Now, if you are constantly dealing with bloating then I do recommend a probiotic and apple cider vinegar to help.

My go-to supplements:

PROTEIN POWDER:  whey protein, this mixes well with liquid, no chalky yucky taste. Includes digestive enzymes, minerals to help absorb protein faster making sure you tone up without the bloat!

MAX BURN: this is an all natural fat burner, that will help you burn fat without the jitters.

PROBIOTIC: this is where your health really begins, we have to keep the gut healthy in order to make sure you absorb all your nutrients. That lone will help you progress faster.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: No more choking down those nasty apple cider vinegar shots in the morning. All the great benefits of apple cider vinegar now in a simple pill.

MAX DETOX: This isn’t your typical shit-your-brains out detox. This will help your body detox. Getting rid of brain fog, bloat and unwanted fluff!


Fitness is pretty simple. It’s about finding a goal and figuring out what works best with your body. I’ve done every diet, workout and battled with weight issues, eating disorders and the whole sha-bang. Once I broke it down and made it simple with a positive “I can do this” mindset, I was finally able to find a good, healthy balance. I hope this helps you find a good, healthy balance as well. Play around with a few different eating styles and workouts to see what helps your body best but always remember to be healthy and happy, that’s what fitness is truly about.

If you need help figuring out, what will be best for you then let’s dive deeper on a one on one call. Book your call here now.


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