Why you should eat that junk food EVERY weekend

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I am so sick of people beating themselves up over eating junk food especially when it comes to the weekend!

This use to be where I got hung up too… so don’t worry, it is normal…

Today is the day, you promise me that you are done doing that so we can find true balance and have long term success.

Having junk food isn’t bad, only when it is on a daily basis.

I went from eating donuts, burgers and ice cream daily to eating healthy all day without any cravings and lost the unwanted 40lbs. Oh and best part… kept it off. That’s what we all want. Right?

The issue when you beat yourself up over eating bad, is it makes you feel bad then you eat bad then you feel worse… then it’s harder to take action and you end up gaining more weight. That is not what I want for you.

So when you eat bad, let it go even if it’s 3 days into a new eating program. Allow yourself to be flexible and keep pushing forward.

So many of us love and hate cheat day…

We get scared that all of our hard work will disappear or that we will fall back to our old habits. While both of these have a bit of truth to them, you shouldn’t be scared because it won’t happen unless you overdo it. You may get bloated and hold some water for a few days after your cheat but that will come off. That’s why on cheat days and the two days after I recommend to get a higher amount of water in even add some lemon and ginger to it to help with digestion and bloating.

Fight off the Water Retention…

  • Sweat more by intensifying your workout by doing circuit training or interval cardio
  • Drink more water, the least should be a gallon
  • Eat foods that help pull water (cucumber, asparagus, etc)

If you are scared to fall back into your old habits of eating bad, here’s some tips to help avoid that…

  • Go out to eat so you don’t have junk food in your house
  • If you want a cheat treat from the store, eat a serving and trash the rest
  • Have your healthy meals prepped so you will eat that instead of continuing with the bad eating
  • Don’t feel guilty, enjoy your cheat and move forward with your goals

Following these tips will help you stay on track after your cheat. I’ve always found after a cheat, I’m not as motivated to workout because I feel bloated and crappy which will usually lead me to eating worse like I said earlier. That is why I keep the goodies out of the house and try my best to go out for a cheat treat.

Another thing I use to wonder about is when should I eat my Cheat Treat?

Some people enjoy doing their cheats on the weekend and some enjoy doing it after a hardcore workout. There is no right or wrong way to treat yourself. I use to do it after a heavy leg day and now I usually will have it after an active Saturday afternoon.

Why we need Cheat Treats!

  • Helps motivate you to work hard because your body knows it’ll get a treat :]
  • Boost our metabolism since your body will be use to eating clean
  • Helps satisfy your cravings

So stop feeling guilty after your cheat treats! You need them to have a fun and successful journey.

Just don’t over do them. Having one every 4-5 days has been great for my clients and even myself. Plus, with that much flexibility… you end up not even wanting them as often.

If I want to be healthier with my cheat treat, I chose something out of my dessert ebook. I finally found recipes that are amazing and help with my sweet tooth.  So if you want your cake and you want to eat it too… I made it possible for you!

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