Tummy Toner, Booty Builder

Tummy Toner, Booty Builder

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to give you some tips so you can put those extra calories to good use.

Lets start with the Tummy Toner…
3 tips to tone the tummy

  1. Eat foods that banish the bloat and stay on top of your water. A lot of times, we eat food that cause bloating without even knowing it like dried fruit for example the sugar alcohol in it can cause bloating. Crazy, right? That’s why I try to tell people to stick with Whole Foods. That way there is no sneaky stuff in there, that will cause bloating. My favorite foods to banish the bloat are: asparagus, cucumbers, watermelon, pineapple and almonds.
  2. Poop talk. Adding in collagen, kombucha, digestive enzymes and more fiber will help keep you regular. These help with your gut lining and can also improve digestion which of course helps keep you regular and in return have a toner tummy.
  3. When it comes to workouts for core, I don’t recommend just crunches and cardio. Switch it to full body resistance training, get at least 20 minutes of lifting in then do a 5 minute core workout followed by 10-20 minutes of interval cardio.
Now The Booty Builder….
3 tips to build-a-booty

  1. EAT YOUR CARBS! A lot of women are scared of carbs because they don’t want to gain weight. Well, you won’t unless you are eating a ton of processed carbs. Refuel with carbs like oats, bean, rice, quinoa, potatoes and donuts (jk about the donuts unless it’s a cheat meal)
  2. Make sure you get enough protein! Some people think protein will make you fat or bulky but it won’t, it repairs our muscle and helps us build lean muscle mass which helps fight off the belly fat.
  3. Booty training, some women get scared to do squats because they are scared their legs will get big and they will swell while you are training because the blood pumping to your muscle but after some recovery time, it will go down. Building the perfect booty, you do need a mix of compound exercises and isolation exercises so perfect combo would be squats superset with kickbacks. Lift as heavy as you can without hurting yourself. When it comes to cardio, don’t do as much on your leg days especially while building.
One important tip for both, Be patient and positive with yourself. ¬†Results don’t happen over night but they do happen when you stay consistent. Don’t focus on other people’s results, focus on what you are accomplishing and don’t give up. The only way to become your best self is to continue to kick ass every day! So GO DO IT!

Here are some great combo moves for core and back that you can do anywhere!



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