Tummy Toner, Booty Builder

Tummy Toner, Booty Builder

Lets start with the Tummy Toner…

5 Steps to a Tone Tummy

  1. Eat Foods that Help Banish Bloating: Almonds, Pineapple, Banana, Asparagus, Artichoke and Avocados
  2. Interval Cardio and Workouts: Doing 1 minute moderate and 1 minute hardcore on and off for at least 20 minutes is the best way to burn stubborn belly fluff. Keep your heart rate up as much as possible with little rest!
  3. Water: This will help get things moving through your body and also keep off the water weight.
  4. Full Body Workouts: When you do full body workouts, you use your core a lot more than you would think. Always be sure to hold your core tight while you workout. I only do full body workouts ones a week because I like to break down the muscle groups and focus on certain areas of my body!
  5. Incorporate Core Work: You can incorporate some great core moves to strengthen and really focus on core. Planks is hands down one of the best workouts for full core!

Now The Booty Builder….

5 Steps to a Better Booty

  1. EAT!!!! So many people are scared of carbs because the media and crap like that make it seem like it’s our worst enemy and its not. We need carbs to repair and refuel our muscles. Processed carbs are not the best carbs for us though so try to focus on whole food carbs such as potatoes, rice, beans, oatmeal and quinoa.
  2. Make Sure you get Enough Protein! Some people think protein will make you fat or bulky but it won’t, it repairs our muscle and helps us build lean muscle mass which helps fight off the fat.
  3. Compound Movements: While building your booty, you want to use heavy weight. The more resistance the better results. When you do compound movements such as squats, lunges and deadlift, you are able to push more weight than when you are doing isolated movements. I do about 4-5 compound exercises then I do isolations.
  4. Isolation Movements: Isolation is also important while focusing on growing your booty, I usually start or end my workout with 3 isolation movements. When I do these, I focus hard on making sure the movement is slow and controlled to hold focus on my booty.
  5. Less Cardio On Leg Days: Legs is a huge muscle so  we will be burning tons of calories during our training session so you won’t need to go die on cardio after. If you want to do cardio still, I recommend about 20-30 of stairs or sprints.

One important tip for both, Be patient and positive with yourself.  Results don’t happen over night but they do happen when you stay consistent. Don’t focus on other people’s results, focus on what you are accomplishing and don’t give up! The only way to become your best self is to continue to kick ass every day! So DO IT!

Here are some great combo moves for core and back that you can do anywhere!



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