I killed someone to get to the next level

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I killed someone to get to the next level…
I get fit into this stereo type of a girl who is taken care of by a man and that’s how I have time to workout and live a nice lifestyle.

It’s the furthest thing from the truth but it would have been my truth if I didn’t kill someone.
13 years ago, I was 30lbs heavier, I was insecure, I was scared, I was into partying, I was a struggling hairdresser who didn’t finish high school, couldn’t afford to pay my phone bill so my grand plan was find a rich man and settle. ??‍♀️

So I did. He was extremely successful.

His success inspired me to go after my dreams with no idea how.

One day, I was making us his favorite meal… as I chopped the vegetables and he sat watching shark tank…I told him, I would build a fitness empire on social media. There was silence… he turned and looked at me over the back of the couch…he laughed and went back to watching shark tank which of course brought out those insecurities of mine. Was I crazy for thinking I could do this? 

My first year in business, I had no site, no lap top… just an iPhone and a desire.
I did 80k that year.

I was so happy. I ran into his office as he was working on his voice overs for his show… And I told him… “Omgggg! I hit 80k this year!” I was thinking he would be proud but he started tearing me down saying when you hit 30… everything is done for you and you’ll have nothing so you shouldn’t put more energy into it.
It brought me to tears. The one man I loved and wanted support from made me feel like I wasn’t able to do anything. I felt lower than ever. Even though, I was full of fear, I decided to set a higher goal. Double my business every damn year and I did exactly that.

To show how proud he was… he started cheating on me… ?? any way he could destroy me… he did.

What he was doing and saying to me got to me and I noticed the insecurities creeping back… him cheating left me heartbroken, depressed and the weight kept coming on. How could he not be proud, I thought?

The man who once inspired me made me feel insecure more than ever. I started worrying, doubting myself, crippling myself and trying to be exactly who he wanted me to be which was the perfect trophy wife who made dinner, cleaned and didn’t say shit…
I spent hours in the gym trying to lose weight, did every insane diet in hopes he would support and love me again, I got hair extensions, lip fillers and Botox. (I still do because now I just love that shit?)
Becoming this silent insecure woman Made me hate who I was and I knew it was time to kill someone… you’re probably thinking I killed him, huh? Haha

But no… that someone was me!

He left for a charity event flaking on me and claiming he was taking his mom (total lie) but it brought out this insane empowerment… I packed up, left and never turned back.
I stopped trying to please everyone and decided to please myself, put myself first and kill those insecurities to become unstoppable.

I lost the weight, I rewired my mind, I built my confidence, I invested in properties, coaches, seminars and online courses to become the best I could be and I was doing it! Some weeks hitting 15k (only 5k from my goal of hitting 20k a week) I bought one of my dream homes, a dream car and for the first time ever… I was truly living my best life.

I don’t say that to brag but to show you anything is possible when you kill someone…the insecure part of yourself.
We all have the power to change, to make a difference, to live out our dreams but you have to be set up with people who inspire you, push you, move you and support you while you rewire your mind.

Now I have a question for you…

Are you ready to kill that insecure voice holding you back?

Are you going to let 2021 be the same as all the other years where your New Years resolutions slip away and you spend another year gaining weight, feeling like crap and letting your health go down or are you going to kill that self doubt and make it your year?

If you want to level up, kill those doubts and truly live your best life then book your call here, fill out your application and get ready for our zoom call so we can dive deep on what’s holding you back from your goals and bridge that gap so you can live the life you deserve once and for all. ❤️



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