How a cheater made me cheat myself

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Have you ever been cheated on? and even worse… found out on Valentine’s day. A day that your lover should be showing their love.. towards you!
uhh…​ This affects people on such a deeper level than most understand. Sadly.

It happen to me and really took a deep toll on me.​​

 Majority of the time this will leave us feeling unworthy and that bleeds into every area of our life. 

 It has subconsciously been stored and now we have a limiting belief of unworthiness…

My story stems from a shit relationship. One I was in at a very young age and for way too long but it taught me a very valuable lesson in life and couldn’t be more grateful for this painful experience.

 We were best friends, had a beautiful, fun relationship, never really fought and still he ended up cheating on me a lot. Then always made me feel like I was insane for getting upset. He started PROGRAMMING me to not trust myself.

​​This later developed into me not feeling worthy and of course… not trusting myself leading to so much self doubt. I was destroyed and just felt I was stuck with everything in life…

Being stuck in this cycle, I never felt worthy of investing in myself. I felt I should never share my success as it would come off arrogant. I felt I should never be proud because I had a failed relationship… This bled into my family, friendships,  health, my fitness and eventually my business…
One day, I was finally over having a pitty party for myself and I chose to walk away. I had never felt so empowered before in my life. I walked away from the man, I never thought I could walk away from and I did it without any tears after years of tears. 

​​I felt so empowered and free.

I really dove into self-love. Making things about me again. I was working out harder, fueling my body with better foods, meditating, talking to God more, getting in touch with nature more and making sure that at least once a month, I got a massage, facial, mani or pedi.​​

This gave me the feel good energy to get my life back under control.​

​​Today, I want to empower you to step into your true power and rewire yourself.

Trusting yourself, investing in yourself can prevent you from bs like that in the long run because you will have confidence, happiness and won’t settle for some bs. It is all about finding yourself worthy and not being full of self doubt. Do you feel like that has ever held you back?
I talk to women all the time and a lot of them believe “oh, I just can’t have that body.” and as we can continue to talk, I find out it’s because they don’t feel worthy of having that body and it breaks my heart because we are all worthy. We are worthy of having what we desire and it is all about taking that leap of faith and going after our dreams.
If you are done making excuses for yourself, ready to overcome those limiting beliefs and truly invest in the one person who deserves it most in your life then I want to invite you into my REWIRE program. 
This program is what has saved my life. It not only got me my dream body but an amazing confidence and happiness that I never knew was possible.
We have all these old habits built up that no longer serve us and continue to hold us back, feeling stuck and in a rut in our lives. We all know Mcdonald’s is bad for us, we know that going to the gym is a step in the right direction but we fall back into our old habits so easily.
That is why I created the REWIRE program. So we can rewire our minds which leads to rewiring our genes, our DNA and leads to better habits, a HAPPIER life and best of all a bangin’ ass bod!
How can the REWIRE program help you? 
  • Custom meal guide based on foods you love 
  • Custom workout guide (home, gym or both)
  • Form videos
  • Supplement Guide
  • 2 check-ins a week with me
  • Zoom Call 
  • Support Group
  • The rewire journal 
  • Mindset Guide
  • Recipes 
  • and access to my membership site
This is a 90 day program to ensure, you get your happiness, confidence and body back once and for all. The women who have gone through this program have become unstoppable now. If you are ready to invest in you, take your power and your body back then let’s jump on a call and get you started today. NO more summers hiding under baggy clothes, feeling unworthy, unhappy because you don’t have your dream body. 
My whole point of this story is cheating sucks but cheating yourself sucks more.
You deserve YOU again. 
Book your call here so we can get started.

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