How a cheater made me cheat myself

How a cheater made me cheat myself

Hey Beautiful.

I have a serious question.

How do you view yourself? 

Do you look at you and your health and fitness as an expense or an investment?

A lot of us don’t feel worthy or don’t take our health and fitness goals seriously. We believe we just have to settle for what we have because some asshole we dated made us feel like we weren’t good enough or we were told: “that’s too good to be true.”

And that affects us even if we don’t realize it. It has subconsciously been stored and now we have a limiting belief on how we should be. 

My story stems from a shit relationship. One I was in at a very young age and for way too long but it taught me a very valuable lesson in life. I dated a famous and very wealthy man. We met when I was 17, he was a bit older but we just hit it off.

I totally fell in love with him and 8 years later, I found myself in total awe of him even though I should have hated him…

He cheated on me a lot. a lot. a lot. a lot. Then always made me feel like I was insane for getting upset. He started PROGRAMMING me to not trust myself. This later developed into me not feeling worthy. Constantly trying to become better, prettier and be like a puppy over him just constantly trying to please him.

One day, I realized what was going on and I chose to walk away. I had never felt so empowered before in my life. I walked away from the man, I gave my power to, the one man I loved for so long, the one man who promised me the world and I was in awe. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t bitter because I fell in love with who I became through that relationship.

 I developed an insane self-awareness. I was aware of everything going on and it empowered me. He was crushed when I left for good and that still made my heart sad because I know there is good in all of us but I couldn’t take being cheated on anymore. 

I knew I was worthy of love more strong, purer and more supporting. And that was the moment, I learned to trust me again. To know I was worthy again. Being strong, wise and happy nowadays… this relationship still has a hold on me from time to time… but I didn’t realize it until I was hospitalized…

I had a lung collapse, pneumonia, gas around my heart and air around my lungs. Oh and 2 months prior, I canceled my health insurance because I didn’t think I’d need it. hahaha oh man… Ok so this whole mess of me being in the hospital for 3 days left me with $15,000 in hospital bills. :] 

This all could have been prevented if I was on the proper asthma medication and not vaping (palm to face, I know) But the asthma medication, I needed was $500 a month WITH health insurance so I wouldn’t buy it. 

It wasn’t until, I was laying in the hospital bed that I realized… that was an investment in my lungs, in my health and I didn’t find myself worthy enough of doing that investment and now here I am. It was the most expensive mistake I learned.

Taking precautions, investing in yourself can prevent you from bs like that in the long run. It is all about finding yourself worthy and not being full of self doubt. Do you feel like that has ever held you back?

I talk to women all the time and a lot of them believe “oh, I just can’t have that body.” and as we can continue to talk, I find out it’s because they don’t feel worthy of having that body and it breaks my heart because we are all worthy. We are worthy of having what we desire and it is all about taking that leap of faith and going after our dreams.

If you are done making excuses for yourself, ready to overcome those limiting beliefs and truly invest in the one person who deserves it most in your life then I want to invite you into my REWIRE program. 

This program is what has saved my life.

We have all these old habits built up that no longer serve us and continue to hold us back, feeling stuck and in a rut in our lives. We all know Mcdonald’s is bad for us, we know that going to the gym is a step in the right direction but we still have these old habits holding us back from making a change.

That is why I created the REWIRE program. So we can rewire our minds which leads to rewiring our genes, our DNA and leads to better habits, a better life and finally our dream body. 

How can the REWIRE program help you? 

  • Custom meal guide based on foods you enjoy
  • Custom workout guide (home, gym or both)
  • Supplement Guide
  • 2 check-ins a week with me
  • 2 Zoom Calls a month
  • Support Group
  • Form Guide and Videos
  • Mindset Guide
  • Recipes 
  • and access to my membership site

This is an 8 week program to ensure, you get your happiness, confidence and body back once and for all. The women who have gone through this program have become unstoppable now. If you are ready to invest in you, take your power and your body back then let’s jump on a call and get you started today. NO more summers hiding under baggy clothes, feeling unworthy, unhappy because you don’t have your dream body. 

My whole point of this story is cheating sucks but cheating yourself sucks more.

You deserve YOU again. 

Book your call here so we can get started. 

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