Finding Balance in your crazy schedule

Finding Balance in your crazy schedule


Life is crazy, isn’t it!?

The days, weeks, months and years just seem to fly by due to our busy schedules.

That is why we seem to never accomplish the goals, we desire to accomplish so badly! Does anyone want to change that?

Do you want to figure out how to find that balance so you can knock out your to-do list, goals and feel like a freakin superhero!? haha I know I did…

For the longest time, I had this excuse of not being able to “diet” because I didn’t have time to meal prep, I did however have time to sit in front of the T.V. for 3 hours a day.

It’s called priorities!

When something doesn’t sound fun or relaxing, we tend to put it on the back burner.

I hated meal prepping, it took forever and my food always tasted like shit so who would really want to spend hours in the kitchen doing that!?

It wasn’t until I was over being fat, that I took action. I was sick of living this depressing life of hiding because I was ashamed of how I looked. I knew it was because I didn’t have a balance with my food. It was I either meal prepped or lived off Chinese food and ice cream. There was no in between!

Since, I hated meal prepping, I had to figure out how to eat clean without it. That’s when I got this idea…

  1. plan
  2. stick with it
  3. cut the bs

I went out and bought a daily planner, one you hand write in. And decided to write each meal, I would eat that day at that exact hour. Then I would make a grocery list and stick with exactly what I wanted to make that week. That meant no buying my cheat meal to keep in the house. No more buying crappy snacks that would fill me up through the day. I am buying what I said I will eat and I will make it fresh or put it in the crockpot for later.

I was shocked it worked. I had said, I would do this before but then I would justify buying junk food at the store, saying it is for cheat day and I won’t eat it before. haha YEAH RIGHT!!! I would eat it daily then I complained that I had no energy and always felt bloated. So it finally worked, I had 5 days straight where I ate CLEAN! Not a diet, not being miserable, I simply ate whole foods that made me feel great. I dropped water weight, I slept better, I felt better and I didn’t need as much caffeine to push through the day.

Once, I had this dialed in, I decided to start adding back my cheat meals and cut some slack on the weekends. I learned mentally, I was screwed up. I felt if I didn’t always eat clean or right then I failed and should just give up. I had to really watch myself and the story I was telling myself. I started adding 2 cheat meals a week back in and was doing great. Then I started getting burnt out on junk food, just plain sick of it and how it made me feel so it made it even easier to chose whole foods that were good for me. Even when I go out to eat, I realize I can have a tasty meal that isn’t fried or filled with sugar and still totally enjoy it. This helped me big time when I needed to dial things in and get my mind right about food.

I have always been dialed in with my workouts! So finding time to go workout was never an issue… but I had a ton of clients, that had this excuse and I wasn’t having it (only because I love them and want them to kick ass) so I thought back to how did I find balance with food?

  1. plan
  2. stick with it
  3. cut the bs

So I had my clients go buy a planner, schedule their workouts for 40 minutes a day. Whether it was home or gym. I didn’t care, I just wanted them to get it done. I told them, they need to stick with it for at 30 days to start getting in the groove of it. Make it as important as a meeting with your boss. A meeting that, if you don’t show, you lose your job. Because it is that serious. I see so many people make goals and never accomplish them because they don’t take it serious. So that is why I say it needs to be that serious. Then I asked them, every day, be mindful and start seeing where you are wasting time.

Are you watching T.V., scrolling through social media or just out bullshitting with friends? If so, let’s track how much time you do that so we can start reducing some of it to make more time for training (if they wanted too) some clients were wasting 6-8 hours on JUST social media a day. That is a full time job and a huge eye opener to them! So we were able to cut back on a lot of the pointless BS and make more time for what made them feel better and look better.

So if you are struggling to make things work, let’s look at how you can plan better, stick with it and cut out bs! I dive deeper on this topic in my webinar. So check it out here!






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